Caitlin Stasey ‘Body hair is OK’

Caitlin Stasey was an actress in an Australian soap opera, Neighbours. It’s broadcast (or was, I have no idea, really as I don’t bother with TV or soap operas) in the UK. She since appears to have relocated to the US since leaving ‘Neighbours’ in 2009  and is working in film & television there.


And Caitlin has been reported in ‘OK!’ magazine (which I do know is a celebrity/gossip/drivel glossy mag appearing in various formats around the world.


But we at SL-FKK like Caitlin’s style!

OK mag report her posting photographs on social media featuring -gasp!- female body hair!!!!!

Intrigued by what OK! call a ‘one woman crusade to make body hair acceptable’, I explored some more, and found a rather enlightening interview and photoshoot with ‘Herself’ magazine, which the info provided suggests is a project by Caitlin Stasey, wherein various women (including Stasey) are interviewed and photographed nude.


It seems that recent Instagram photos merely reinforce her rather positive attitude to body hair. I, for one, approve!

I would also urge anyone who might describe themselves as feminist to read various interviews with various women in ‘Herself‘, as they shed a very positive light on ‘ordinary’ (who exactly is ordinary?) women living life as is right for them. From Stasey’s own take on body hair -that it’s fine to be yourself, not what others demand- to views on all manner of aspects about their lives, I found the entire ‘magazine/website’ to be incredibly positive.



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