Sluts and terrorists.

It’s hard to tell if it’s just the times we live in, but my contributions to SL-FKK (hurry back, Trine, you all cry?) seem to be more political than strictly naturist, although this story links the two.

The Daily Express & the Daily Mail both report (via Breitbart) that a gang of Muslim men ‘stormed a German naturist pool and issued threats’ to those in attendance.

The women were ‘sluts’ who would be ‘exterminated’.

Eyewitnesses said the six men, who were “apparently insulted” by the nudity, spat on the swimmers after branding them “sluts” and “infidels”.

OK…so they’re actually going out of their way to trespass the pool in order to be insulted?

Not the sharpest tools in the box, are they?

But then, why would be be surprised? Those who join terrorist groups are generally the young, disaffected, largely stupid -in terms of educational qualifications- and unemployable as a result. They’re the berries ripe for picking by older, ‘wiser’, more cynical heads who would never do anything dangerous themselves. They just select the cannon fodder.


When the group returned to the swimming pool the staff decided to call the local police. The police took the young men from the pool and checked their identification, and though there were no reports of arrests being made the state security service have said they will be investigating the matter further.

Muslims are quick to cry ‘Islamophobia’ when faced with hate crimes. Rightly so, in many instances. There’s no need to be abusing anyone for their beliefs.

But rather than sweep this under the carpet, perhaps it’s time to ensure that we, the naturist community, in Germany and elsewhere, shout ‘naturistophobia’ and demand that this incident be treated as a hate crime subject to the same rigours of the law as those afforded Islamophobics, neo-Nazis, and far right knuckle grazers. You all occupy the same gutter.


Everyone should have the right to live their own life according to their own chosen lifestyle without fear or intimidation, be it in terms of wearing a hijab or burqa, or choosing to live a naturist lifestyle.

None of us have the right to impose our values on others on the grounds that we’re morally superior. Allow others to live as they see fit. And if you’re indulging in the hate speech of the far-right, you’ve lost the moral high ground, lost the argument. If you’re indulging in the hate speech of the radicalised Muslim, you’ve lost the moral high ground, lost the argument. If you’re physically attacking others, with words or weapons, you deserve jail time, without parole. Ever. I hold both of you in nothing other than pity and contempt for your stupidity and self-loathing.


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