New naturists

Over the years, I’ve introduced the naturist lifestyle to various people. Most important, my husband, Jim.

ella & mr keng dancing_001b

Mr & Mrs Keng

My RL friends ‘Bebe’ and ‘Nyma’…

nyma and bebe_001b

Nyma and Bebe

Neither started a week’s holiday as naturists, both finished it as enthusiastic naturists and ‘Nyma’ has been on naturist holidays since (Bebe hasn’t repeated the experience yet).

Even my mother in law joined us in June for her first naturist experience, and joined in…

My cousin Sylvia wasn’t exactly a ‘hard sell’, as it was she who introduced me to naturism all those years ago.

evebear leather6_001


It’s actually hard to think of Sylvia and I in Cap D’Agde, all those years ago, before it became a bit sordid, with me making my public debut in naturism! It is all Sylvia’s fault!

Another naturist holiday beckons at the end of August. Our domestic situation means I can’t always be guaranteed to have Mr. Keng or the children in tow (he stays home, spoils them and spends a week as a home worker). However, I do like a companion if I can. And having heard of her brother, then her mother, embrace naturism, my sister-in-law Mary will be joining me at the end of August. She is a ‘naturist virgin’, so I’m hoping she’ll contribute (or I can ghost-write for her) to SL-FKK about her thoughts on the lifestyle.

ella mary_001b

Ella & Mary

As has been the case in the past, I’ve utilised one of our SLNModel ‘alts’ to play the role of Mary for this blog’s purposes and have already worked with her to develop an avatar she feels reflects her reality.

We’re in Spain at the end of August, so I’ll be reporting again in our usual ‘Postcards’ series, and will be getting Mary to add her thoughts.




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