Spencer Cloakk

Three years ago, then SL Naturist photographer Harry Leistone added an ‘alt, Spencer Cloakk, a thinly disguised homage to Spencer Tunick.

SL Naturist did several Tunick related posts and in fact we still, as SL-FKK, do likewise, as Trine’s real life involvement in Tunick’s ‘Sea of Hull’ project, complete with an associated post, testifies.

Harry eventually stopped working for SL Naturist, and abandoned SL altogether, due to real life illness.

We lost a great photographer, I lost a good SL friend, and we also, by the by, lost his alt Spencer.

At the time, Harry had opened a photo gallery at the (now defunct) Nude Haven sim, and that, too, went by the wayside.

I’m delighted to say that Harry has made contact after almost three years, and is back in SL. I’m also in position to say -I have Harry’s permission- to let you know that he suffered a brain haemorrhage and stroke back in 2013, not ‘a bit of urgent surgery’ as I reported (had been told) on SLN back then.

‘I had lost much function down one side’, Harry tells me, ‘and I’ve spent the last three years rehabilitating myself with the aid of family and some wonderful people in the NHS (UK’s National Health Service). Without them…who knows? I’ve still got restricted use down one side, and I’m a bit forgetful as a result, hahaha, but I’ve taught myself to write left-handed in the meantime, and I can now work a computer again, so I’ve been able to get back into SL’.


(photos above: Spencer Tunick in Cleveland)

There are many issues involved with trying to replicate Spencer Tunick in SL. Lag, poses not synchronising, etc, but Harry/Spencer has been back in SL trying to do Spencer Tunick on a small scale.

‘I’d like to express my thanks to new SL friends Judy, Leerayia and Jelena (L-R in the photos) for their patience. It must have been torture for them to wait for me to type instructions, one handed, to get them to pose as I wanted them to. I’m grateful to all three of them.’

Please remember that SL-FKK is not my blog, it’s Trine’s, so I don’t have any input on this, but I’ll be suggesting to Trine (she returns next week) that Harry/Spencer will be a valuable addition to the SL-FKK staff. Hopefully we’ll see Harry (I still think of him as Harry, not Spencer) return to the SL Naturist FKK fold in the immediate future.

harry spencer2_001bHarry & Spencer

I’ll be stepping back, again, and existing as an occasional contributor (although…wait for my next post in that regard!)


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