Searching for a signal

I’m back from my holidays on the high seas around some Greek islands (questioned by the Greek navy, a story I’ll tell you in due course).

I’m going to be busy over the next couple of days doing the washing, catching up with some real life work and catching up with Second Life, of course.

One of the things I spotted on the SL blog boards was that there’s a new pose at Reel Poses (group gift, joining fee L$15) called ‘Pokemon Go’.

Given my experience of the past couple of weeks ‘Searching for a signal’ could just as easily be its title.

trine signal2_001b

It was nigh on impossible to get any internet when at sea, and if it did come alive it died just as quickly.

Hence the lack of posts unless we pulled into a proper port. Mostly we were dropping anchor at an isolated cove and would spend evenings swimming, cooking on the beach, photographing things and generally having a madcap, naturist time. It was lovely, but you don’t know how weird the world feels without connection to the world until you don’t have connection to the world.

I’ll be writing up one or two tales and should publish at the weekend.