‘What is FKK?’ : some Housekeeping news

‘It’s not just so clear…’, several correspondents have said of the name SL-FKK. There seems to be a consensus that SL Naturist or SLN was a clearer indication of our content, as many people aren’t familiar with the ‘FKK’ element, something that has a much more European perspective, ‘FKK‘ being shorthand for freikoerperkultur (or ‘free body culture’).

I’ve tried to tailor this blog to your needs for us to reflect real life and SL naturism and so a decision has been taken. We shall be reverting to the SLN name, with the slight tweak that, moving forward, we’ll be known as SL Naturist2 to differentiate ourselves from the original blog which is still available online.

Depending on when you read this,you may well find that the original SL Naturist blog has been updated to reflect the name change to this blog.

Hopefully, then, people will be able to find the blog much more easily, and that searches will bring up old links to both blog sites.




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