SWANK August

Well done to Swank, for their monthly round for August, entitled ‘Around the World’.

Regular readers will know I’ve moaned long and hard about the lack of cultural diversity in SL, so it’s fantastic to see Swank address this with different styles of dress from around the globe.

I did spot a full male Scottish kilted set of clothes, and am wondering if I can drag Mr. Keng along before the end of the month. Yes, yes, we’re a naturist blog, but traditionally the Scottish male is bare under his kilt, so sort of semi-nude anyway…


Nothing is worn under the kilt. It’s all in full working order!

Chinese outfits, Indian outfits, sombreros, African tribal face paints…they’re all there. And if you’re wondering which I’m championing clothes, my theory is that if we have clothes to suit a certain topography, then the appropriate sims may just follow. Ergo, African styled dresses lead to African styled sims which lead to…that ‘naked savage’ trope I spoke about previously. The potential for ‘nakedness’, if not strictly naturist, expands.

Dozens of blogs posting ‘new mesh jeans’ can get very boring, so do yourself a favour and immerse yourself in some lovely looking global fashion at this month’s Swank.