mercedes mantilla_001b

With another Spanish holiday looming, I’ve been in email conversation with my friend Mercedes, who also plays SL.

We got into conversation about the mantilla, a religious head covering for Spanish women, held in place with a comb called a peineta.

She has one that she wears to church and sometimes at funerals, and was telling me (much as photographers and artists use the ‘taboo’ of the hijab in their work to ‘break boundaries’) that Spanish artists have utilised the mantilla with the nude in their work.

A little bit of research later…

A mantilla is available on the Marketplace, priced at L$250, if anyone should wish to follow Mercedes’, and some artists, lead on this.


I don’t pop my balloon for every man I see..


Here’s one of the most fun items I’ve seen in SL for a long time. Boutique 187 has a wearable balloon outfit.

L$20 will get you this outfit which, if either you or a bystander clicks on the balloons, they magically ‘pop’!

They do pop back into place a few seconds later, but they would be a fun item to have at a balloon party of some description as a crowd of dancers start popping each other’s balloons.


The health benefits of sleeping naked

sleep naked_001b

The Daily Mail points out the health benefits of sleeping naked.


  • Sleeping naked is good for you, mainly because it lowers skin temperature which activates good fats to help burn calories
  • Sleeping naked can help prevent women from getting yeast infections
  • Men should also skip the clothes for maximized sperm production

We’ve covered this aspect of nudity before, but it’s worth pointing out again that you should maybe be considering dumping the jim-jams.

sleep naked2_001b

I’ve long been an advocate of sleeping nude, for the fact that it’s simply more comfortable for me rather than the health benefits pointed out. There’s a nice feeling to it, so I suppose  that -a feel good factor- is a health benefit in itself.