Stiff Poses

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more inappropriately named store as ‘Stiff Poses‘, because these are fabulously fluid looking poses which give a real sense of ‘action’ in them.

You know we love poses here at SLN2, because we love to give a sense of movement in the photos we do, and ‘Stiff Poses’ offers a real sense of movement that bring photos alive.

Via the slurl, you can buy three L$1 gift sets (2 for female, 1 for male), and I’ve posed a selection below.

All seemed to suit a beach scene well, textile or naturist, and it’s just a case of using your imagination to use them in settings they weren’t initially intended for. You can imagine my various titles for them, from ‘eek! this water is cold!’ to ‘peace and love, the naturist ethos’.

You can’t actually buy the poses inworld, and have to go onto the Marketplace to buy.

Role-players may also like to know that Stiff Poses do several ‘action’ pose sets with titles like ‘Secret Agent’ or ‘American Agent’, so if you’re into RP and want a new profile photo, for example, Stiff Poses is the place to go to.



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