I am becalmed…

trine lingerie_001b

I have to admit I have become becalmed by SL in the past week, as there’s not been any MSM (mainstream media) stories related to naturism to use as a hook on which to hand an SL equivalent story on.

I’m glad to say that, this evening, I’ve managed to locate a couple of SL-direct naturism matters to address, so I’ll be spending this evening researching these (new locations) and bringing you the detail, with pix, later in the week.

Phew! I was beginning to get a little desperate with ‘writer’s block’, as it were and things I felt I could write about.

I think the issue is often exacerbated by logging in to SL, and its main blogging aggregator, SL Style Daily Wire, to discover it’s just more dresses, more dresses and more dresses, something with which you reach saturation point after a while. I don’t really need to be spending any more linden dollars on another pair of jeans or another T shirt or cocktail dress. Do I? I don’t think I do, so much of what is being blogged is automatically made irrelevant to me. That’s not to criticise the bloggers. They’re all doing a terrific job, particularly for those who are new to SL and do need to expand a wardrobe.

A case in point: I have Roodvosje Rosses ‘Go Dutch‘ blog bookmarked. I like many of the items she blogs, even if I wouldn’t necessarily buy them myself. I am, however, a sucker for free, sexy lingerie (not that I have any opportunity to wear them in any inworld scenario, other than the knowledge that I’m wearing them under my usual jeans (often the ‘girl next door’ jeans that come in everyone’s inventory) and a sloppy T shirt -my usual SL dressed attire.

So I’m grateful to her for pointing out the free lingerie set (photographed above), available at Seldom Blue, for L$0.

I’m equally grateful for her drawing my attention to this set because, after a week in a negative SL mindset, just grabbing this set and then photographing myself in it was the kick up the pants, the kickstart, I needed to reinvigorate my SL.

I guess there are times when we’re all becalmed in our Second Lives. SL is a habit, and without something to grab us it’s easy to drift away from SL. I suspect many have drifted away because there’s no reason to log in…just more dresses, more dresses and more dresses.

Anyway…I’m off to explore a couple of locations we’ve not featured before, and I rather hope to have those published before the weekend.