Spare a thought…

…for my travelling companion, the (currently) non-naturist Mary.

We went down to the beach earlier and in for a swim. Mary was wearing her £100 ($130) one piece swimsuit which was riding up into those sometimes difficult to reach places, filled with sand and was by her own admittance uncomfortable.

My swim suit, by contrast, cost nothing and fitted perfectly!

mary and ella_001b

I think I know whose logic works best on the beach, any beach, and it isn’t textiles!

Doesn’t naturism make more sense than swimwear the more you think about it?




My travelling companion…

In Spain with me this time is a new travelling companion, my sister in law Mary (her real name) who isn’t naturist. She has said she will not be going naturist for the duration of our week! 🙂

Dear reader, we know differently, don’t we?

I have to say that on this, our first morning, she hasn’t even stepped out of her shorts and tank top, undies firmly in place, even though we’re not overlooked and the only person who can see her is me.

Naturism is beguiling, however, and people get drawn into it quicker than they imagined. I have a feeling she’ll eventually get naked, though, and I’ll be tracking her progress as she (hopefully) immerses herself over the coming days.

mary dressed_001b


My bet is that it’s Tuesday night/Wednesday before she’s in the pool. I intend to follow this on SLN2 over the coming days. 🙂


Back in Spain

ella sl office_001b.jpg

I’m back in Spain for another 10 days of ‘Postcards’ of real life naturism. Having arrived exceptionally late last night, I’m still up very early. It’s not quite daylight yet (at 700am) but I’m already out on the balcony and ready for my holiday to begin. But first (it’s the British way), a cup of tea…