Well! I only went and did it!

Back in June, right at the end of the holiday, my husband surprised me by taking the scissors to his pubic hair and going for a heavy trim, speculating out loud about him going totally  ‘bare down there’!

When we got home, he did, and adopted a totally ‘smooth’ look for a few weeks, although as he’s not the world’s most enthusiastic face shaver he soon lapsed from a daily ritual and it’s growing again.

I have shaved before, just around the time it was coming into fashion and being ‘the norm’, and I didn’t like it. I grew it back and have been hirsute ever since, against ‘fashion’ for all this time. Perhaps it was a little too much wine last night, perhaps it’s my usual desire to not run with the crowd in anything I do, but one pair of scissors and some depilatory cream later…I’m now bare down there for the first time in years!

I’ve sent my husband some pix, but I also wanted to share one with you, the readership of SLN2 because my naturist hols, in recent years, have also included some ‘me in real life’ photos.

Of course, as anyone who reads SLN2 and its precursor SLN will know, I’m generally rather coy about this, with the photos not really being close ups or particularly clear.

I got Mary to shoot a little video of me walking along past our apartment when I was going down to the beach for my early morning swim, now free of girl fur. My first impression is that I feel a little ‘exposed’. My vagina is now on display and I feel…naked! Hahaha! I never did with it hidden ‘in the bush’.ella b&w

It did almost feel like being a ‘first time naturist’ again. On our public debut we feel the entire world is watching, even though they aren’t. Walking down to the beach it felt like everyone was looking at my vadge!

My husband approves, apparently! I’ve sent him some…um…’naked selfies’, something else I said I’d never do. While previous holidays have been others embracing something novel, this holiday is one for me embracing novelty.

I’ve also nipped inworld to update my avatar accordingly…

ella shaved_001bc






6 thoughts on “Well! I only went and did it!

  1. Interesting how many people don’t the difference between the vagina and the vulva. The vagina is the birth canal, not visible no matter how much hair is removed. The vulva is the area being spoken about which is made up from the labia inner and outer lips (varies from woman to woman) and the clit hood.

    • I know this, but ‘vagina’ is a well understood shortcut word for down there, hence my use of it, just as I might have used ‘helmet’ rather than ‘glans’ or ‘corona’ when discussing a penis. People immediately understand what you’re talking about while sometimes the more anatomically correct names aren’t known by people. No one I know would refer to their ‘vulva’.

      • You seem like a very responsible and knowledgeable person. Is it not our responsibility to help educate people about their bodies so they properly value their parts and we not just perpetuate slang terms and names for them.

      • I take your point entirely. Yes, I’ll talk to Trine about this and see if we can adopt the correct terms as part of SLN2 policy. Thanks for the input! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your positive feedback too. As nudist we see and hear so many things that are inappropriate. We view the human body as pure though we are not perfect. To degrade ourselves by using terms about our bodies does not help our cause. We cringe when we see and hear others say thing like pussy and dick. Those are beautiful parts of our bodies and I think it helps others especially younger uninformed nudist to understand that their parts have names and that those parts can be complimented by using the specific name instead of an in general slang or term. Not trying to be difficult or critical, you are doing a great service towards what we all enjoy and that is enjoying life naturally.

    Best Regards

    Kim & Thurston

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