Alcohol reduces inhibitions?

My sister in law Mary remains resolutely textile. I’m not generally a big drinker, but Mary likes to have a glass of wine or two in the evenings. Imagining that she might have some sense of lowered inhibitions after alcohol intake, I was socially drinking with her last night and we made it to the pool near midnight but the alcohol hadn’t lessened her resolve to remain textile.

mary dressed_001b

Despite what she says, my betting is on a public nude debut before the week is out.


1 in 3 Spaniards has experienced naturism.

I’ve been out visiting my Spanish friend Mercedes this morning, and she pointed me at an article that she thought I found find interesting.

1 in 3 Spaniards has experienced naturism at some point in their lives, (article in Spanish) even if they don’t regard themselves as naturist. Further, 2/3rds of Spaniards say they would take a naturist holiday, which -the article suggests- makes them the least inhibited people in Europe!

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