A moment of liberation

Observing naturists or, indeed, anyone, you pick up their body language.

Here in Spain people are very sociable, and it’s quite evident that people invite their friends or family to stay for a while. Not all will be naturists, but there seems to be such a Spanish ‘go with the flow’ attitude that they join in, some more readily than others.

Last night was one such night, where it was evident an extended Spanish group had been for dinner, come back and decided to go for a swim in the pool. Some march confidently, nonchalantly to it. Others, male and female, have towels wrapped around themselves.

pud night_001b

You can almost read the minds. ‘In a moment, I’m going to be naked in front of friends and family and I’m terrified.’

One young woman reached the pool’s edge, let the towel drop and possibly as a way of diminishing her embarrassment at the moment, waved her hands triumphantly in the air. And still you could read her mind. ‘God, but this feels fantastic, this feels liberating!!!!’

You go, girl, and have many more naturist moments in your life like that.




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