My travelling companion…

In Spain with me this time is a new travelling companion, my sister in law Mary (her real name) who isn’t naturist. She has said she will not be going naturist for the duration of our week! 🙂

Dear reader, we know differently, don’t we?

I have to say that on this, our first morning, she hasn’t even stepped out of her shorts and tank top, undies firmly in place, even though we’re not overlooked and the only person who can see her is me.

Naturism is beguiling, however, and people get drawn into it quicker than they imagined. I have a feeling she’ll eventually get naked, though, and I’ll be tracking her progress as she (hopefully) immerses herself over the coming days.

mary dressed_001b


My bet is that it’s Tuesday night/Wednesday before she’s in the pool. I intend to follow this on SLN2 over the coming days. 🙂


Back in Spain

ella sl office_001b.jpg

I’m back in Spain for another 10 days of ‘Postcards’ of real life naturism. Having arrived exceptionally late last night, I’m still up very early. It’s not quite daylight yet (at 700am) but I’m already out on the balcony and ready for my holiday to begin. But first (it’s the British way), a cup of tea…



Go Naked! It’s the only way.

Firestorm viewer, maybe others, have recently introduced an ‘avatar complexity’ facility, whereby you may not render fully to other avatars and appear, instead, as a ‘jelly doll’.


Image via New World Notes.

I’ve not seen any myself yet, but they’ve been (partly) the talk of SL for a few weeks now.

They seem a bit counter-intuitive. People spend all that money to have a great looking avatar, only to be rendered as a blob to those they may be trying to impress.

I’ve read that ‘mesh’ isn’t the issue here, my thinking being that mesh avatars were more complex and therefore increased lag. I’m still of the opinion that mesh was another counter intuitive step by Linden Labs. Flex hair looks real and moves, mesh hair is static. Retrogressive, to my mind.

My nod towards accessorising my avatar (hair apart) is often limited to a necklace and ear rings, as I might in real life. In the interests of research, I recently added as many accessories as I could to my avi, while remaining naked (i.e many piercings, tattoos, etc as I could muster), and I found it impossible to make my avatar reach the level at which it might not render correctly to other avatars.

I think the solution is clear here. Strip away the complex costumes and go naked! You’ll look great to other avatars and feel good about yourself not fretting about stupid clothes!

Which is pretty much how it works in RL naturism.


Further reading on this is at New World Notes, with several commenters remarks mirroring my own regarding the ‘retrogressive’ element of it.

This is wrong

I’d be quite opposed to the whole nonsense about ‘Muslim rights’ (just as I am to ‘Christian rights’) in a secular society. The needs of the secular society prevail. And in western Europe, around the Mediterranean, beach culture will mean bikinis, topless of possibly nude sun and sea bathing. This is the European way, and if you don’t like it, tough.

While I’m not of any faith myself, I do respect the rights of others to hold one. While I’m a naturist, I respect that it’s not a view shared by everyone. But I do expect others to respect my right to sea bathe and sunbathe nude should I want to without either comment or glares.

I do, however, think it is plain wrong that the French police are ‘forcing’ women in bikinis to disrobe on a public beach.

How retrograde a step is this?

For centuries, the way to humiliate someone was to strip them naked in public. In some parts of the world, that’s maybe still the culture. While this Muslim woman was not stripped naked, her sense of ‘public shame’ may be regarded as being the exact same form of humiliation as that experienced at different times throughout history. and reflected in modern day entertainment.

‘Integrate and be like us’, say the French. So this woman does exactly that, in a costume of her choice, while being totally accepting of a western, European beach culture that permits less clothing than her, or no clothing at all. She determines to fit into that western beach culture and is challenged by the forces of law for it. Not a particularly forward looking policy, I’d have said.

‘Wait’, wails someone, ‘she’s simply a media stooge. How convenient that someone with a good camera just happens to be just a few yards away, photographing it and  subsequently making those photos available to the press. It’s just a propaganda image’.

But how stupid is the French law? I own one of these in real life, and use it in winter months…


Can I wear this in France? Might I, as the ticket issued to the woman on the French beach said, be accused of not ‘wearing an outfit respecting good morals and secularism’?

That’a how dumb this new French law is.

I suspect the French are trying to make a point here, although going about it in the wrong way. ‘After attacks on us’, it seems to run, ‘we will show who is boss in this country’. After all, the police had the opportunity today to the woman ‘you can leave the beach’. By demanding a semi strip, all under the gaze of a remarkably sharp series of photographs, France would appear to be saying ‘we will humiliate your women in public, unless you learn to accept that western ways don’t include raping or sexually assaulting wester women (i.e. in Germany or Sweden) or launching attacks on us and our way of life’. Particularly that ‘our way of life’ element of it. The police challenge the woman directly as a quid pro quo for attacks on the French way of life. Maybe it’s right, maybe it’s wrong, who knows? I’m firmly on the side of saying that it’s the wrong approach.



I am becalmed…

trine lingerie_001b

I have to admit I have become becalmed by SL in the past week, as there’s not been any MSM (mainstream media) stories related to naturism to use as a hook on which to hand an SL equivalent story on.

I’m glad to say that, this evening, I’ve managed to locate a couple of SL-direct naturism matters to address, so I’ll be spending this evening researching these (new locations) and bringing you the detail, with pix, later in the week.

Phew! I was beginning to get a little desperate with ‘writer’s block’, as it were and things I felt I could write about.

I think the issue is often exacerbated by logging in to SL, and its main blogging aggregator, SL Style Daily Wire, to discover it’s just more dresses, more dresses and more dresses, something with which you reach saturation point after a while. I don’t really need to be spending any more linden dollars on another pair of jeans or another T shirt or cocktail dress. Do I? I don’t think I do, so much of what is being blogged is automatically made irrelevant to me. That’s not to criticise the bloggers. They’re all doing a terrific job, particularly for those who are new to SL and do need to expand a wardrobe.

A case in point: I have Roodvosje Rosses ‘Go Dutch‘ blog bookmarked. I like many of the items she blogs, even if I wouldn’t necessarily buy them myself. I am, however, a sucker for free, sexy lingerie (not that I have any opportunity to wear them in any inworld scenario, other than the knowledge that I’m wearing them under my usual jeans (often the ‘girl next door’ jeans that come in everyone’s inventory) and a sloppy T shirt -my usual SL dressed attire.

So I’m grateful to her for pointing out the free lingerie set (photographed above), available at Seldom Blue, for L$0.

I’m equally grateful for her drawing my attention to this set because, after a week in a negative SL mindset, just grabbing this set and then photographing myself in it was the kick up the pants, the kickstart, I needed to reinvigorate my SL.

I guess there are times when we’re all becalmed in our Second Lives. SL is a habit, and without something to grab us it’s easy to drift away from SL. I suspect many have drifted away because there’s no reason to log in…just more dresses, more dresses and more dresses.

Anyway…I’m off to explore a couple of locations we’ve not featured before, and I rather hope to have those published before the weekend.





Stiff Poses

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more inappropriately named store as ‘Stiff Poses‘, because these are fabulously fluid looking poses which give a real sense of ‘action’ in them.

You know we love poses here at SLN2, because we love to give a sense of movement in the photos we do, and ‘Stiff Poses’ offers a real sense of movement that bring photos alive.

Via the slurl, you can buy three L$1 gift sets (2 for female, 1 for male), and I’ve posed a selection below.

All seemed to suit a beach scene well, textile or naturist, and it’s just a case of using your imagination to use them in settings they weren’t initially intended for. You can imagine my various titles for them, from ‘eek! this water is cold!’ to ‘peace and love, the naturist ethos’.

You can’t actually buy the poses inworld, and have to go onto the Marketplace to buy.

Role-players may also like to know that Stiff Poses do several ‘action’ pose sets with titles like ‘Secret Agent’ or ‘American Agent’, so if you’re into RP and want a new profile photo, for example, Stiff Poses is the place to go to.



Ile de Levant

The Ile de Levant is an island off the coast of France (near Toulon…so think of it as roughly half way between Marseille and Nice).

While much of it is fenced off as a military zone, part of it has a long history as a naturist haven going back to 1930, was pretty much Europe’s first dedicated naturist ‘village’ and nudity is pretty much de rigeur there, apart from the harbour area, where there is a dress code known as ‘le minimum’.

This would basically be a thong, or versions of a thong, for both male and female visitors.


You can see variants in the photo above, with one girl wearing standard bikini briefs, while the other wears a ‘loincloth’ to cover her genital area. The thing both girls have around their neck is a small pouch used to store keys, some money, sunglasses, etc.

The Ile du Levant likes to style itself as ‘the capital of naturism’.



The island is also one of those locations that still holds a ‘beauty contest’, ‘Miss Levant’ (Koversada in Croatia and Agde in France do likewise), which is popular. I’ve holidayed there in real life, did enter the ‘Miss Levant’ competition (I didn’t win, and wasn’t even in the final placings 🙂 Just a bit of madcap fun while on holiday, you understand.


Now, Second Life has its own Ile du Levant!

And exceptionally good it is too!

There’s an exceptional sense of knowledge of naturist history the instant you tp into the sim.

ile du levant 1_001b

Firstly, the gentleman in the top could easily be one of the doctor brothers (Gaston & Andre Durville) who initiated naturism on the island. Touch his hat and you’ll get a copy of ‘le minimum’, which I’m wearing (below)

trine ile de levant3_001bc

Harry, on his first assignment back at SLN2 following a period of ill health, accompanied me (and for us, it was also a ‘get to know you’ opportunity) and decided these made him look emasculated, so he hopped onto the Marketplace to grab a loincloth (L$30) he thought met ‘le minimum’ requirements.

After I logged off, Harry stayed to take more photos of the sim and…grrrr!!!!…I knew I should have stayed a little while longer…ran into Robin, who owns Ile du Levant.

It appears there are great plans to develop Ile du Levant socially, and we hope to be part of that, supporting IDL where we can.

trine IDL_001b

Trine at IDL


From what I can see, there’s a lot to explore at IDL, so I intend to pick this up in a ‘part 2’ later in the week.