A ‘Topless Tuesday’ preview

As Ella suggested yesterday, we’re going to make some minor tweaks to the blog over the next week or two, and the first of these will be to feature, regularly, a ‘Topless Tuesday’ feature.


I’ll preview this tonight with the photo above, the other side of the photo being shown, along with several other ‘TT’ photos, tomorrow.

Another small tweak will be that many of the photos on the blog, as well as some ‘outtakes’ from various photos sessions,  will be featured regularly on our Flickr page And we’ll also be adding an ‘Around the naturist sims’ feature each week. They will not necessarily be ‘in depth’ features but will try to capture a ‘feel’ of how rich and vibrant the naturist lifestyle is in SL. Depending on events taking place, these features may see a sim featured more than once.

I’m also going to utilise another photographer alongside Harry, and get them to approach random naturists at various sims and events and try and grab them for a quick ‘portrait’ of their naturist Second Life, to be featured on these pages, and maybe a quick word about what attracts them to naturism, and how (if) a virtual naturism has resulted in them rethinking their world view on real life naturism…you know the sort of thing we’ll be aiming for. And while it’s not a guaranteed weekly feature, we’ll be trying to return to lengthy ‘real life’ photo essays on various aspects of real life naturism as they’re reported in the mainstream media.


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