I hate it when I get to this time of year because naked swimming becomes a distant memory for another winter.

I like to visit the pool every week and do some proper swimming, but I loathe putting on a swimming costume. It’s made more tolerable by the fact that, in the summer months, there’s always a bit of naturism around the corner to level things out but now…

…naturism is possibly 8-9 months away.

I own a couple of SL swimsuits, more for the fact that they’re a simple outfit to put on to do some shopping and with Firestorm’s new ‘avatar complexity’ feature, they keep the complexity levels down.


However I do like this swimsuit from Emerald Couture.

It’s a free group gift, without a group joining fee, and I like the high cut to it as well as the zip up front. If I am to wear a swimsuit in real life, this is the sort of swimsuit I want to wear.


Zip up front shown in greater detail


The sandals are also part of the gift, but as you can see I’ve managed to get myself dressed into a proper swimsuit 😉



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