Hippy chic(k)

‘The Wash’ (part of the Fab Free franchise, I guess is how we could describe it) currently has a cart sale -the Indian Summer Sale- on right now.

It’s the usual round of L$10 items (maybe the odd L$50 one) and I was attracted to a boho/gypsy/hippy outfit (it’s one of the L$50 outfits).


The casual/clothing optional hippy/boho look always looks very well in SL, as it does in RL (see the gallery).

There are also a number of sims where this clothing optional, hippy look fits in very well. Over the course of the next week or two we’ll be exploring these, as well as trying to identify any clothes/hairstyles/tattoos/etc that complement the look.



Sheer Kim

The Daily Mail. The UK’s print (and online) media version of Fox News. News for the stupid, the right-wing, the conservative, the non-thinker, the borderline (and beyond) racist.

When not blaming every little one of the UK’s woes on foreigners, it’s a mish-mash of semi-naked women celebrities, ‘tastefully’ pixelated, rumour and gossip.

It’s the natural hinterland for news of K-K-Klan-Kardashian.

So it’s with great excitement I learn that Kim Kardashian is freeing her nipples.

She just doesn’t give a f—, apparently, in her classy, role-model to others manner (pick better role-models, girls!). She’s packing away the tape that has kept them hidden under sheer tops for years, apparently.

Which leads us to the position where the Daily Mail have decided they can show a nipple, under a sheer top. While probably continuing to pixelate in a photo of a topless celeb.


A stalling Syrian peace deal, jihad, hunger, Kim Jong-un, Brexit, Trump and on and on and on, and people fixate on this nonsense? Little wonder the world’s going to hell in a handcart if people are more interested and hypnotised by this sort of drivel than they are proper, real news.

I do approach this sort of ‘news’ with a little bit of ambivalence, I suppose, in that SLN2 supports body freedom, and perhaps the normalisation of a female nipple in the mainstream media means that Second Life follows suit.

I continue to find it weird, totally weird, that so many bloggers and designers in Second Life are just so body-phobic.

If it’s the chance to lead an alternative life, and perhaps engage in some activities one wouldn’t necessarily have the confidence or personality to try in real life (naturism being one prime example), shouldn’t bloggers and designers be trying to slough off their real life attitudes? Shouldn’t bloggers and designers be showing skins in all of their naked glory?

I wouldn’t buy a skin without being able to see it in its totality, and to find censored bars on displays in skin stores ensures that, no, I’m not going to buy. As much on principle as anything else, because I won’t support body phobia or body shame.


Clothes, similarly. Why do designers create something that is sheer, for example, and then not photograph the full effect for their blog? Why censor something intended to show certain parts of the body off?


Does reviewing or displaying certain clothes require censorship?