Naturist swimming baths

For many of us, our naturist activity, particularly over the winter months, will centre on a swimming pool. There are many naturist swim nights around the UK and I imagine around the rest of the world as well.

You can certainly engage in naturist swimming in the centre of London, Manchester, Glasgow, Paris, Amsterdam and other cities. (I name these because they’re locations where I have had a naturist swim night, sometimes in association with my own sun club sometimes as a tourist in a city who has sought out naturist swimming facilities).

It’s surprising, then, that there hasn’t been a naturist swimming pool in SL until now.

I must stress that it’s not what SLN2 would regard as a fully genuine naturist sim, as some of the facilities do offer sex poses. However, because it seems a fairly unique facility in the context of SL, I’ve decided to include it as part of our approved naturist locations (on the basis that it’s not necessary to use the poses, and simply enjoy the facilities & location. As long as it doesn’t descend into an orgy room, or sex sim, I’m relaxed about including it for now).


A beautiful decor


Taking some exercise

Teleport to the Naturist Public Baths.