…to, well, us, really.

Today, SLN (the original version), passed the 1m views mark. For a blog that majors in a niche lifestyle, on a niche gaming platform, that’s pretty remarkable.

I take no glory from this, as it’s essentially Ella (our ‘editor at large’, I think is a good title)’s success, along with Pookes and original publisher Howie  whose vision brought SLN to this moment.

It’s their vision that has brought SLN to this landmark.

I knew -we all knew- it was imminent, so I asked Ella for a comment…

‘I started the SLN blog in November, 2011, almost five years ago. I had no idea then, and I find it remarkable now, that there’s been one million views of that blog. I’d like to thank everyone who ever logged into SLN and read our work. I know that when I was editing the original blog we’d pretty much covered the globe with our work. I think Turkmenistan, possibly Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, and 2-3 African countries (South Sudan, Western Sahara and Benin) were the only ones we hadn’t achieved any sort of ‘outreach’ in. And, oddly, Greenland.



That’s pretty good. Closed off China? Check (98 views). Iran? Check (4 views), Iraq? Check (289 views…hello, I’d guess, U.S and UK military, mainly). Syria? Check. (4 views).

And on and on.

I’m pretty pleased with this. Naturism and Second Life bringing the world together? I’ll settle for that. 

SLN2 is in good hands with Trine, and I’m still contributing too, so here’s to the next 5 years and next million views.


There’s nothing more to be said.



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