Vintage Season 2016 : Arnold Genthe

Arnold Genthe died in 1942, so it’s safe to suggest that almost all of the following photos in the gallery are pre-war.

One of Genthe’s themes is the use of loose, diaphanous drape. Also of interest may be that most of Genthe’s models (in a pre-war era, remember) are either shaved of pubic hair, airbrushed of it, or in one or two instances appear to have bleached pubic hair to make it less obvious.

With ‘Gor’ being a popular role-play game within SL, there are an abundance of loose, diaphanous drapes (known as a ‘camisks’ within Gorean culture). A search for a ‘camisk’ on the internet produced an almost 100% Second Life related result.

I’ve been working on a couple of photoshoots in a Gorean/Genthe style and these should make an appearance over the weekend.


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