The Sailor’s Guide.

Thanks to be able to follow Brenda on our Flickr feed, I’ve learned that there’s a new statue at the entrance to the Eden Boat Club at Eden Siskin.


One of the truly great things -amongst all the other truly great things- at Eden is the way in which there is a slow yet inexorable pace of change. Too many sim builders get carried away with constant, rapid change, something that can spoil the continuity of a place. Eden has a gentler change, so that if feels like the changes that do occur are occurring within a proper kind of time scale. You can imagine ‘the town council’ debating the erection of a statue, putting it to a vote, then building it, for it to become a familiar landmark.

Other sims seem to imagine that a total redevelopment of their place keeps things ‘exciting’. It doesn’t. Avatars, I think, like a gentle, almost realistic pace of change, and it’s something Elbag, Brenda and Dengo do superbly.



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