This post isn’t naturist related, but interesting and…odd.

I was teleporting around today when I came across a ‘vigilante’ patrol who were (their words) ‘guarding the grid against f***ing vampires. No one irritates more than random vampires asking for blood. We’ve been active for several years, and trust me, we have weaponry that Linden Labs don’t approve of. That SL have banned. We don’t ask questions, we don’t seek explanations. We grief. Big time.’

Having quizzed them, these self-styled ‘guardian angels’ seem to patrol freebie sims where newbies might congregate, and challenge vampires who may lie in wait.

I’m not sure that SL needs to take a less tolerant view on the world, reflecting the real world where intolerance prevails.

As I say…interesting yet odd. What next for SL? Killable avatars who are the random victims of a drive-by shooting?



Abba at Eden Naturopolis

I can’t lie. I hate Abba. They’re one of those groups, along with Queen, that I despise.



The Abba girls did look the part for the gig.


The avi, extreme right (topless) is yours truly…not too many avatars were naked, and four of the five of us in various states of undress can be seen in this photo.


This beautiful looking avatar kept herself to herself at the bar, with some gorgeous looking cocktails.abba6

However, Abba were on at Eden on Saturday night so I hopped along, bikini briefs in place, as nudity didn’t appear to be the top priority for the huge number who attended.

The music sounded as awful as I remember it in my pre-teen years, but there was a fantastic atmosphere in a large crowd. I eventually did the decent thing…muted Abba and listened to Seasick Steve in real life with Mr. Keng 😉

However, what I will say is that it’s great to be getting back into SL on a more regular basis and enjoying what SL has to offer. It was also fabulous to see such a large crowd had decided to make Saturday night at Eden their chosen destination. Hopefully they’ll all come back in the future…without clothes!


Burn2…it begins!

Burn2 had begun and…wow! If ever a sim captured the spirit of a real life event, this it it!


A fantastically composed ‘Burn2’ avatar in Ashanique. She looks fantastic.




Next Saturday….not to be missed!


Burn 2 greeters Mia and Queen Eli, looking terrific in the spirit of ‘Burn’.


Da Vinci is the theme in Burn2, as it was in the real life Burning Man

The ‘playa’, the representation of Burning Man in SL, looks fantastic. I’ve not had the chance to fully explore it yet, but I will, and report back over the next week or so.