Verocity poses

I was saying last week that poses are important to us to give a photograph some sense of movement.

All of us involved at SLN2 seem to spend quite a bit of time pose-hunting, then messaging one another about the locations.

I’m delighted to tell you that Verocity Poses have the most fantastic sale on (I discovered them via their Marketplace presence, then headed off to their inworld store where the same dollarbie clearance sale is on one of the walls). A set of five poses will set you back just L$1!!!!! And there’s many, many sets (and group) poses to choose from.


I don’t propose using a lot of photos here, but we will be adding a number of poses to our Flickr page in the next day or two.

Note that our model, Prue, is also utilising a free facial emoter you can find at their inworld store, giving her a winning smile at the SLN2 pool.



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