Pookes (an update)

I know that some of you have asked the whereabouts of Pookes in recent months, as she bowed out with me around this time last year when I announced my pregnancy and the need to see that through without the distraction of SLN.

What I knew then, but didn’t announce at the time, was that Pookes -or Eva as some of us know her in real life- was jetting off to Jamaica for Christmas with her long-term partner, Leeroy, and meet his family.

pookes-couple_001bI’m delighted to say that Eva has just returned (briefly, for now, if my personal experience has anything to do with it) to SL to report the birth of her and Leeroy’s first child, Lauren.

‘Leeroy and I have been together for 14 years’, Pookes reports in an email to me, ‘and we eventually stopped using contraception because I was told, a long time ago, that it was unlikely I could ever have children…a situation I’d resigned myself to long ago. After a decade of no contraception, and no pregnancy, it appeared the medical prognosis was correct.

‘Leroy’s elderly grandmother, now 90 and one of the main reasons we travelled to Jamaica, so I could meet the woman who partly raised him, told me that children were a blessing and did some sort of ‘charm’ thing on me, telling me the ‘curse’ of childlessness had been lifted. I didn’t believe a word of it, yet went along with what I thought was a charade. I was humouring an old lady, in my mind. Believe it or not, I was pregnant before we came home!!!! And to the best of my knowledge, the conception probably happened with us naked on a beach at Negril!!. You have to embrace the naturist lifestyle where you can, El! At the age of 34 I thought that my likelihood of becoming a mother was a ship long sailed, even without the fertility issues I’d faced a decade before. I’m ecstatically happy!!!!

‘We shall now be going back again at Christmas, even though we can’t really afford it as we’re currently moving home from London to Brighton, to show off the baby that Grandma made happen’.*


(Pookes partner posed by one of our mutual SL avatar friends)

Best wishes to the new family, and Pookes has promised (as I did when I exited a year ago) to try and come back to SL whenever a routine has been established (it takes longer to establish than you think…and I had two previous experiences of it).

The family are in the process of moving out of London to Brighton, on England’s south coast, so it’s an exceptionally busy time for them…don’t expect Pookes to return in the immediate future!


*a section of Pookes email has been reproduced with her permission.


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