Is there something about working for SLN2 that makes us more fertile???? 🙂

Ella stepped down from the role of editor around this time last year as she was pregnant. Pookes recently had a baby. Diane Toxx, who fulfilled the role of photographer for the blog for a while, also gave birth and…now it’s my turn!!!!!

This isn’t something I expected to happen, as having spent my 20s and 30s trying to get pregnant (but, I admit, having a lot of fun trying!) it seemed that my husband and I would not be blessed with children. Finally, after a long wait, we (specifically, I) got IVF treatment and, now just into my 40s, I find I’m pregnant! 🙂 🙂 🙂


My ‘bump’ is now beginning to show, and I’m finding that I’m tired a lot of the time..you may have noticed a dropping off of posts in recent weeks from me. I just don’t have the energy for everything.

As a result I will be stepping down from the role of editor, but the good news for you all is that Ella is stepping back into the role now that she has a routine she can work around, so SLN2 should continue seamlessly.


It’s time to walk off into the sunset -at least for a while. I shall be playing SL as energy levels permit, and will continue to write for SLN2 -again as levels of exhaustion allow- but this is likely to be intermittent. Which is why I’m standing down. The blog needs a regular flow of stories and info, and I don’t have the energy levels required right now. So it’s now ‘goodbye’ from me, but a brief, I hope, sabbatical from writing for SLN2.

Ella resumes editorial duties immediately.

Speak to you all some time in the future.