Abba at Eden Naturopolis

I can’t lie. I hate Abba. They’re one of those groups, along with Queen, that I despise.



The Abba girls did look the part for the gig.


The avi, extreme right (topless) is yours truly…not too many avatars were naked, and four of the five of us in various states of undress can be seen in this photo.


This beautiful looking avatar kept herself to herself at the bar, with some gorgeous looking cocktails.abba6

However, Abba were on at Eden on Saturday night so I hopped along, bikini briefs in place, as nudity didn’t appear to be the top priority for the huge number who attended.

The music sounded as awful as I remember it in my pre-teen years, but there was a fantastic atmosphere in a large crowd. I eventually did the decent thing…muted Abba and listened to Seasick Steve in real life with Mr. Keng 😉

However, what I will say is that it’s great to be getting back into SL on a more regular basis and enjoying what SL has to offer. It was also fabulous to see such a large crowd had decided to make Saturday night at Eden their chosen destination. Hopefully they’ll all come back in the future…without clothes!


Burn2…it begins!

Burn2 had begun and…wow! If ever a sim captured the spirit of a real life event, this it it!


A fantastically composed ‘Burn2’ avatar in Ashanique. She looks fantastic.




Next Saturday….not to be missed!


Burn 2 greeters Mia and Queen Eli, looking terrific in the spirit of ‘Burn’.


Da Vinci is the theme in Burn2, as it was in the real life Burning Man

The ‘playa’, the representation of Burning Man in SL, looks fantastic. I’ve not had the chance to fully explore it yet, but I will, and report back over the next week or so.



I’m delighted to say that I’ve been added to ‘the press pack’ for Friday’s ‘Burn2‘, the SL annual event that replicates the Burning Man festival.

We’ve covered it before (not from a press insider point of view) and even considered having out own sim at it to replicates its ‘Critical Tits’ naked bike ride.

That didn’t happen because the ‘Burn2’ folk were away ahead of us in that regard.

But in real life, and Second Life, it’s very much a clothing optional event.



We’ll be reporting from, and participating in, as many events as we possibly can during the Burn2 event and reporting them here.

If you’re looking for a temporary sim where your naturism, your nudity, won’t raise an eyebrow, then Burn2 can be recommended. Watch out for my reports from Burn2 during the course of it being staged!



Purple Poses





We’re always keen to grab as many poses as we can, as they give photos a sense of movement and action. Purple Poses has a few gifts available, several in a ‘couples’ configuration, and I like these a lot. They add a sense of ‘togetherness’ to a couple. One of the gifts includes three male and three female ‘singles’ poses as well, and Pru, our model, utilises one in the third photo.

You need to join the Purple Poses group (L$0) to get them, and they’re on the counter, free, at their store.


The Sailor’s Guide.

Thanks to be able to follow Brenda on our Flickr feed, I’ve learned that there’s a new statue at the entrance to the Eden Boat Club at Eden Siskin.


One of the truly great things -amongst all the other truly great things- at Eden is the way in which there is a slow yet inexorable pace of change. Too many sim builders get carried away with constant, rapid change, something that can spoil the continuity of a place. Eden has a gentler change, so that if feels like the changes that do occur are occurring within a proper kind of time scale. You can imagine ‘the town council’ debating the erection of a statue, putting it to a vote, then building it, for it to become a familiar landmark.

Other sims seem to imagine that a total redevelopment of their place keeps things ‘exciting’. It doesn’t. Avatars, I think, like a gentle, almost realistic pace of change, and it’s something Elbag, Brenda and Dengo do superbly.



Vintage Season 2016 : Playmate ’69

While researching vintage photos of nudes, I chanced upon a photo of Playboy’s ‘Playmate of the Month’ for September, 1969, Nancy McNeil, and I thought the clothing and pose had an air of Gor about them.


Within the world of Gor there’s a set of people called the ‘forewoman’, and the pose and dress/negligee certainly has something of that about it.



Model Abbey picked up a free Gorean kilt on the Marketplace, and texture changed it to replicate it as white, before I posed her in an old cottage.

The idea is not to slavishly (ha! how Gorean!) copy clothes and poses, but to try to capture a sense of the vintage style.

This led to a bit more exploration of that Playboy set of photos.


The photos are extremely ‘soft’ by today’s standards, but that’s part of the appeal. Nancy projects an air of sweet innocence rather than self-awareness.


My favourite of the gallery has to be the photo above, as it plays on the ‘unaware of her own sexuality farmer’s daughter’ theme often found in glamour type shots.

Stopping to pick up a straw hat on the marketplace, LS1, Abbey & I headed over to the Small Town Green Cafe sim (currently one of my favourite sims for photos) to try and capture a feeling of Nancy McNeil in the above photo.

Abbey tells me her slightly old fashioned hairstyle is ‘Mabel’ by Emo:tions.


Vintage Season 2016: The Bloomsbury Set

Growing up in the 80s & 90s, ‘The Bloomsbury Set‘ always sounded like it should have been a post-punk/shoegaze/indie band rather than a genre of English literature.

While I regard them, to some extent, as navel-gazers, excited by the sound of their own fame to some degree, there are elements of them that should interest us from a naturist and/or nudity perspective. I’ve read quite a bit of Virginia Woolf and found her work dull and uninspiring. Ditto E.M Forster. I’m just not that interested in tales of the Raj or British colonialism.

Rupert Brooke, on the other hand, is one of the few poets I can read for ‘pleasure’. I’ve written the word ‘pleasure’ in quote marks because a man describing the horrors of the First World War can’t really be described as pleasurable, but he certainly writes poetry that still has a resonance today in the way that many other poets don’t.

Brooke would write about WW1, and subsequently die in it, oddly not as a direct result of war, but of sepsis developed from a mosquito bite. Nevertheless, he left behind an important body of work.

What should interest us is a 1911 event wherein Brooke & Woolf went skinny dipping.

Where their influence is important for me as a naturist is how, deeply their ‘artistic’ nature embraced a casual approach to nudity, at a time when Edwardian England was still seen in the prism of the Victorian attitudes that preceded it.


Virginia Woolf married, eventually, although for many years she also had a love affair with fellow Bloomsbury acolyte Vita Sackville West, and in the environs of this ‘set’, their lesbianism (or possibly more accurately bisexuality) was part of their ‘edginess’ as a group of literary note.

Today, Sackville-West is less known in Britain for her literary work as she is for the creation of gardens at Sissinghurst, in conjunction with her husband. Set in Kent, I’ve visited these gardens and they’re one of England’s lesser known treasures.

There’s a casual, blasé approach to nudity amongst the Bloomsbury Set, and for that we must be grateful. While I’ve not adopted a century-old hairstyle for photos, I have been posing (pearls and nothing else) for Harry in recent days. A couple of suitably posed ‘vintage, Bloomsbury set’ photos should appear over the weekend when our ‘vintage season in SL’ catches up with our promotion of vintage naturism.



Vintage Season 2016 : Arnold Genthe

Arnold Genthe died in 1942, so it’s safe to suggest that almost all of the following photos in the gallery are pre-war.

One of Genthe’s themes is the use of loose, diaphanous drape. Also of interest may be that most of Genthe’s models (in a pre-war era, remember) are either shaved of pubic hair, airbrushed of it, or in one or two instances appear to have bleached pubic hair to make it less obvious.

With ‘Gor’ being a popular role-play game within SL, there are an abundance of loose, diaphanous drapes (known as a ‘camisks’ within Gorean culture). A search for a ‘camisk’ on the internet produced an almost 100% Second Life related result.

I’ve been working on a couple of photoshoots in a Gorean/Genthe style and these should make an appearance over the weekend.


Sweater girls, pin-ups, classical themes and early nudists: Vintage Season 2016 (part 1).

One of the things you notice about vintage photography is how what would become naturist tropes in photography were evident in the beginning of the naturist movement, and how vintage pornography appropriated the themes, leading to a blur between what is naturist and what was -overwhelmingly- early ‘pornorgraphy’, which seems rather mild and actually wholesome these days compared with what we can expect to see searching even Google images.

SLN previously held a ‘vintage’ season, and it proved popular, so we’re going to repeat that, and also try to replicate the vintage in a Second Life environment. We’ve therefore been researching the internet for vintage type photographs which, despite their intended origins, all fit rather neatly into a ‘vintage naturist’ theme quite easily nowadays.

The reason for this is because many were photographed out of doors, in scenes of nature, and therefore lend themselves easily to a naturist theme, even though some possibly pre-date the formulation of naturism as a lifestyle.

It’s often difficult to date them. In today’s Photoshop world it would be very easy to shoot a nude and make it appear to be 100 years old or more with a few keystrokes.

However, we’ve endeavoured to date them where possible, and even provide pen portraits of the information (photographers, dates, etc) wherever we can.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, then, SLN2 will have mostly a vintage theme.

To get things moving, we begin with photographs taken by Andre de Dienes, a Hungarian-Romanian photographer probably best known for his work with Marilyn Monroe, and a search for his work is dominated by those photoshoots.


However, there are many de Dienes shots that fit easily into a ‘vintage naturist’ theme, even if they never had any original intention to be ‘naturist’. Our vintage season begins with a gallery of his work (below).


All can probably be dated as post-war, from the late 40s through to the end of the 50s(?).

While de Dienes did other, interior shots and ‘artier’ shots, we’ve excluded these and used only photographs that would not have looked out of place in a naturist magazine of the 50s, 60s or 70s. We will also be trying to replicate the style of the photographers we highlight in an SL context, and the first of these galleries will be highlighted here on SLN2, with further shots on our Flickr page. I’ll inform you of these in due course.



I know it’s called ‘the fall’, rather logically, elsewhere, but here in Merrie Olde England it’s ‘forever autumn’.

Any excuse to work in a rather wonderful autumnal video of a song by Justin Hayward, really.

I’m a big Moody Blues fan. I know they aren’t fashionable in ‘cool’ circles, but they still speak volumes to me. Of course, I can practically remember ‘Nights in White Satin’ when it was first issued.

Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
Watch lights fade from every room.
Bedsitter people look back and lament,
Another day’s useless energy spent.
Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
Lonely man cries for love and has none.
New mother picks up and suckles her son,
Senior citizens wish they were young.
Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
Removes the colours from our sight.
Red is grey and yellow white.
But we decide which is right.
And which is an illusion?

Autumn, or Fall, is wonderful in Second Life. I’m not such a fan of the wall-to-wall overindulgence in Hallowe’en, but I adore sim builders efforts to bedeck photogenic sims in autumnal colours.

One such sim is Small Town Cafe which looks utterly beguiling right now, and I’ve had the opportunity to do a photoshoot there with a new model, ‘mature’ Swedish avatar Ingeborg, who really excelled herself in a lengthy session. I thank her for her patience and good humour!

More photos from this photoshoot can be found at our Flickr page.