Indoor naturism

For those of us in the northern hemisphere the naturist ‘season’ is now over. I tend to find it’s really rather too short, effectively lasting from June to September, after which it’s a retreat to clothes or indoor naturism.

For some, ‘indoor naturism’ is a thing, and there’s certainly some web pages where it’s the main focus of attention. I understand that some people aren’t blessed with a nearby naturist beach or their own (secluded) garden, so being nude is something that has to be undertaken indoors.

I was asked recently if I was an ‘indoor naturist’ and I said that I wasn’t, but on reflection that’s not strictly true.

We’re in the wonderful position of living rurally, so during the summer months we use the garden as another room. We aren’t blessed with reliable hot, sunny weather though, so there are times, particularly at the beginning of the summer months, where the sun ducks behind a cloud and you can feel the temperature drop sharply.

I find that when this happens I’ve a tendency to go inside and maybe make a cup of tea, maybe vacuum a room, empty the washing machine, whatever, and not get dressed for that task, so yes, in that respect I’m an indoor naturist.


I don’t, though, tend to say to my family ‘hey, let’s all get naked for the evening’. We’d maybe have naturist friends round in the winter months but we don’t ask them to park their clothes at the door on arrival. In that respect we aren’t ‘indoor naturists’.


Of course nudity just happens at home. No one locks the bathroom door, and I can find myself soaking in the bath when one of the children turns up to get some help with homework, show me a painting they’ve done or some other reason. This, to me, is a perfectly natural state of affairs.


People will adapt their naturism to their surroundings. The important thing is that we, as people, embrace and are comfortable with our bodies. There are no rules. So wherever you can grab your naturism, just do it. It’s a door that leads to a happier existence, learning to love and accept the body with which you’re living.

Hanna and Harry are entirely comfortable with home naturism in their lounge.


Heather does her washing up in her underwear.



Helene has determined that even the most mundane tasks around the house are more fun when nude.



3 thoughts on “Indoor naturism

  1. My husband and I enjoy doing nearly everything nude at home. Especially inside. However he does a lot of work and chores outside comfortably nude where we have semi privacy. I’m not quite as comfortable with it as he is. However I have no issues being nude at our resort. But yes it is nice to be an indoor nudist too. 🙂

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