Blue Lagoon Marina

At Eden Dove, we used to have the Blue Lagoon Marina, home to many houseboats, their owners, and drop-ins like me who would come for their regular clothing-optional dances which were great fun. Then Blue Lagoon Marina disappeared.

This may not be news to many of you, but as I’ve spent many months over the past year effectively MIA from SL, I’m only catching up on past news events in recent weeks.

While situated at Eden, Blue Lagoon did have a semi-autonomous feel to it.

When I started to get back into SL more regularly, I made it my business to revisit old LMs, and found Blue Lagoon gone, but restyled in a familiar, high quality Eden style, complete with a rather pleasing meme of creating ‘public art works’. I love to see such items in real life, and to see them reproduced in SL is always pleasing to my eye.



Eden Dove public art works

Blue Lagoon rose from the ashes, however, and relocated to the Fruit Islands.

Ove checked back a couple of times and, while it looks like a lot of fun, it’s sadly no longer naturist. SL’s own ZZ Top were playing when I checked in, and were drawing a decently sized crowd, but…it’s not naturist (despite many of its staff being the same people).


ZZ Top at Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon dancers

I think, then, we have to mourn the loss of Blue Lagoon Marina as a naturist venue, which is rather sad (unless any of its regulars or staff can tell me differently).


4 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon Marina

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  2. Let me clarify a few things. Yes the Blue Lagoon Marina relocated itself over to the Fruit Islands and so they are no longer are allowed to be naturist. However, Eden have replaced it with their own marina, built from scratch. It’s called the Eden Haven Marina and, yours, it’s all fully naturist.

    There are lstatutes and works of art scattered around the marina, including some that have been specially commissioned by SL creators. Everyone is welcome to come and visit the Eden Haven Marina, just remember to forget your clothes! You will find plenty of photos of the marina and it’s residents if you take a look at the Eden Naturist Estate website.

    The new marina is bigger than the old Blue Lagoon and has a beautiful landscapes area for the tenants, including a bar and a dance floor and stage, with regular entertainments. The Eden Haven Marina can accommodate house boats and large yachts, to. Oh, and we still have the original naturist marina, the Eden Yacht and Boat Club (EYBC) which is bigger than ever.

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