Revisiting Eden Naturopolis

Along the way, I sort of lost the plot in my first tenure as SLN editor, forgetting our core values and keeping a firm hand on the tiller, something that led to us losing our much cherished office at Su Casa Naturist as the sim owners felt we’d lost the plot. They were right. We kind of ended up drifting a bit from the shore, not focussed entirely on core, genuine, naturist values. Granted, it might be said that Su Casa’s own naturist values have been diluted too. Each time I log into there, it’s peopled by speedo wearing, bikini wearing, fully dressed avatars. Textile creep, in other words, just as some RL naturist locations are similarly pestered! ‘Undress or leave’, is the message from RL naturist to textile voyeurs. And quite rightly too, even if it does lead to what the media calls ‘nudist riots’.

In my second tenure as editor, I’m determined that we will return to those core values that served us so well over five years of the SLN original blog.

Beginning tonight, I’m commencing a revisiting of the genuine naturist sims in SL, and reminding you all that naturism is alive, well and vibrant in SL, with many sims offering some marvellous virtual naturist experiences.

Teleporting into Eden Naturopolis, I’ve noted that there’s a new (to me) notecard highlighting the best Eden has to offer. (It’s dated September 2016, so it’s a relatively new info card anyway). I hope I’m not standing on anyone’s toes by reproducing it in full…

…over the past few evenings I’ve asked friends and models to visit the various urls and provide some photography to illustrate the depth and breadth of the expansive naturist experience Eden offers.


The Eden Naturist Estate is SL’s largest privately owned residential estate dedicated for the use of those who prefer to spend time in SL unclothed. The estate is a tropical/temperate maritime themed area where accommodation is mainly based on islands which residents purchase and upon which make their homes; smaller residential units are also available as are apartments available for rent only.

Being a naturist estate does not mean that being naked in the 50 sims that make up the Eden Estate is mandatory although clearly most people are happy to be so else they would not be there.
Our Estate Covenant clearly lays down what you can and what you cannot do; living here binds you to those basic sensible rules which ensure that the estate retains its unique environment. You will find the Covenant at on the Eden Estate website which provides a pretty comprehensive coverage of the estate, what it offers, whats happening and what’s happened here.

The North Sea comprises a further 25 sims to the south of Eden and as such is the largest privately owned sea area in SL. It offers a very stable environment for sailors and is recognised throughout the SL sailing community as a primary location for both serious and purely recreational competitive sailboat racing.

Both estates enjoy dedicated management teams who are available 24/7 wherever possible to offer support and guidance to all visitors, users and new and existing residents.

Eden and The North Sea along with the Fruit Islands Estate to their south also provide together nearly 200 privately owned sims and waterways for SL residents to cruise and explore; you would be hard pressed to find surroundings, vistas and build quality consistently to such a high standard anywhere else in Second Life.

The three estates offer the serious SL Inhabitant a wonderful and really quite beautiful peaceful environment in which to establish and base their Second Life experience.

You can start your Eden or North Sea exploration at any of the following locations:-

The Poseidon Centre – Eden Puffin sim – which is the showpiece pier head, beach and entertainment area for the North Sea with probably the closest spectator area to any Start and Finish race line anywhere in Second Life. You can rezz a boat here and take off south to explore The North Sea and access the Fruit Islands Estate still further south. Hug the coast a bit and you can access Eden at Eden Gateway sim or at Eden Skua sim. Beneath the waves, close to Poseidon’s statue, deep below you will find a wonderful Mer World to visit and explore where SL’s Mer community regularly meet for entertainment and networking.


Eden Airport- Eden Gateway sim – which is the main civilian air transport hub for The Eden Estate. You can rezz a plane here and take off to explore the 200 sims by air. At its north entrance you can walk, cycle or motor north along the cliff road and over the bridge into the Eden Estate to arrive at Eden Naturopolis sim.



Lighthouse Isle – The North Sea – Ziziphus sim – this is an uninhabited isle now since the lighthouse went automatic but it is central in The North Sea and a great stopping off point for sightseers when out sailing. Sit and enjoy the solitude and sea sounds and sights – a great place to simply unwind and relax.


Eden Haven Marina – Eden Jakana sim – which is the main yacht marina in the Eden Estate where there is a 70 boat capacity marina and a large entertainment and bar area where you can meet your friends and chill out or attend the regular events there or simply mess about in your boat – needless to say it has direct access to The North Sea and of course North and East into the seaways of the Eden Estate.


Cute barman!

Public Hub – Eden Naturopolis sim – this is the original and main public access sim to the Eden Estate where you will find all the administrative hoohah, land sales and property availability information; there’s a small beach and entertainment area for those more intimate social occasions. You can rent an apartment, or a free boat and go for a waterborne tour, take a guided tour, hop on a hang glider, hire a bicycle, and umpteen other things to while away some virtual time. Naturopolis is sort of central and so whichever direction you care to go there is something new to see.


The hub, what many of us regards as the central TP point for the Eden Estate.

Note that the lighthouse behind model Edie’s head is the SLN2 office at the Eden Naturopolis Estate.

We’d also add that Edie is the RL sister of SLN’s original publisher, Howie.


Edith and Howie at the Eden hub.

The ‘fresco’ between them is of Brenda and Elbag, Eden’s owners.

Naked Dreams – Eden Heron sim – this is a full sim set up and managed by Teresa Korhonen, one of our residents, as a private beach club – Teresa’s building skills are evidence of her long standing in the SL community and she wecomes any passing sailor to her gorgeous island home and all its facilities.

Sometimes its nice to just go somewhere nice and meet up with some friends for a coffee or lazy moment gazing into the sunset out to the west – well Lazy Isle provides you with the ability to do just that – perfect!




Starbucks ‘coffee’ makes me look depressed too.
The Eden Yacht & Boat Club – Eden Siskin sim – not so much a Yacht Club these days but a thriving marina along the same lines as Eden Haven Marina but without the bling – it’s a super marina up in the north of the Eden Estate and much used by residents and visitors alike. It has direct access through The Inland Sea southwards into The North Sea and beyond.


The Bumrose Marina Club – Eden Celebration sim – two sims of unashamed adult extravagance done out in the best taste and uttermost style – somewhere definitely to visit but admittedly not for everyone! Love it or leave it!


SLCG TerraNova Station – Eden Skua sim – with almost 200 sims of waterways safety is a major concern and whilst in SL we cannot drown or get soaking wet we can on occasions run into all sorts of trouble and that is where the Coastguard comes into its own – so we have our very own SL Coastguard Station and it is the envy of the rest of SLs Coasties – a posting here is much desired! Those lucky enough to be based at TerraNova Station patrol Eden, the North Sea and The Fruit Islands and attend all sea events to police the sims whilst races take place.


We ask all visitors to respect the privacy of our residents, you can visit most sims and islands unless you receive a polite reminder to keep away, however our owners, Elbag Gable and Brenda Hoisin are quite happy for people to visit their home sims and enjoy what they have created here. Eden Tern, Eden Gannet, Eden Victoria and Eden Pelican are worth a visit if only to see what can be achieved with a whole sim when creating a home.

Tortuga Bay Airport – Eden Guillemot – Tortuga is home to Eden’s flying few and their friends – most of us sail but some fly and this wonderful club environment airfield is very popular amongst those of us who enjoy taking to the skies. Speak to Catriona Hunter (Cat) about a tie down to rent for your aircraft of choice.


Surf Ahoy – Eden Godwit sim – so you like surfing? OK well we can provide that too, not just up at Bumrose on Eden Cygnet sim but here on Eden Godwit – boards available and the waves are mega. Wipe yourselves out here!
There is more, much much more to see and do in our sims or you can sit and chill with your friends, or do absolutely nothing – there is always something to do and someone to share it with – being an Edennaut is a nice thing to be and we love having nice people doing what Edennauts do here with us…!!



We look forward to welcoming you to our Virtual Paradise.

Brenda & Elbag

Notes: Photos taken at the various sim locations listed, with thanks to my SL friends and colleagues for agreeing to pose. Eden Naturopolis have had no direct input into this post, but their notecard and descriptions of the locations seemed like a perfect excuse to highlight some of Eden’s delights here on SLN2.

If any sim owners would like to offer me a similarly styled notecard, we’ll certainly do our best to present a similar travelogue for any genuine naturist sims. Even without, I plan to visit the main naturist sims and present extended travelogues from our favourite locations.


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