Cambridge’s Best Bums of 2016

I was having an online discussion with one of our SLN2 advisors recently, and we were discussing how easy or difficult it is to keep news of real life naturism going through the (northern hemisphere’s) winter.

Sometimes, there is a dearth of naturist news -although as many sims adopt their ‘winter plumage’, the ground covered in snow, we should be able to link SL’s naturism to RL naturist swimming events, those ‘Polar Bare’ things you read about on occasion.

But this blog entry just landed in my lap today.

At Cambridge University, along with Oxford, one of the UK’s two (self-styled) top universities -at least those with the most cachet for reaching and having on your CV- (think Harvard or Yale if you’re reading this in the USA), there is a ‘Best Bum’ competition and the ‘finalists’ have been (un)covered in media sources as different in quality from the Daily Telegraph to the Daily Mail. You can tell the gulf in standards in the Telegraph’s reporting that ‘students bare their bottoms’ while the much, much more downmarket Mail suggests they show ‘First clASS Honours’.

A selection of the finalists from this year’s Cambridge Best Bum competition

A little more research unearthed that it’s an annual competition, and you can find coverage from 20152014 and 2013 online. No photos of the 2012 entry which appears to have been the first.



I’m not proposing a competition, but it’s the chance to use a couple of previously unpublished photos in what looks like places of learning.