Scuba diving at Naked Dreams



The photographs above reminded me of something…

…scuba diving at Naked Dreams! It’s a sim I’d not visited for some time, so I rectified that earlier with a re-visiting of Tess’s wonderful sim, majestic from the highest point of the island to the lowest point of the waters surrounding it.

Yes, as well as being an imaginative, beautiful build above water, you can get some scuba gear and search the waters beneath it, and although we’ve blogged this before on the original blogsite, it’s certainly worth blogging again.

Ella and fellow visitor Lee take in the sights of Naked Dreams


One thing I’m noticing is becoming much more prevalent at naturist sims is the number of avatars who imagine that signs such as this, which outline the sim’s dress code, don’t apply to them. I’ve no idea who the avatar left of picture is, but clearly she can’t read. Here’s an idea, folks. If you aren’t going to go nude at a naturist sim, don’t visit the naturist sim. Go elsewhere!

harry-justine_001b Harry and model Justine try out an animation at Naked Dreams


Former SLN contributor Abi at Naked Dreams (photo from our archive)


Avatars take the boat from the main Eden landing point out to Naked Dreams (photo from our archive)


Abi collects her free scuba gear (photo from our archive)


Abi amongst the sea life beneath Naked Dreams (photo from our archive)

I’ve never scuba dived. That’s not strictly true, I’ve tried to scuba dive (not naked) but was terrible at getting the breathing right and abandoned the lesson fairly quickly. I just couldn’t get it, and the mouthpiece made me feel like I was going to gag. Lots of people I know just love snorkelling and scuba diving, but I’m afraid  that it’s something I’ll never truly live, so it’s great fun to be able to pop on an oxygen tank and go diving amongst the coral at Naked Dreams.

The scuba gear provided includes a wet suit, if you’re not naturist. However, as you’re on a naturist sim…when in Rome, do as the Romans.


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