Too early for Christmas?

Is it too early for Christmas? I know that in real life you can see Christmas trees and decorations two or three days after Hallowe’en, which is far, far too early.

In real life I’d consider today, four weeks away, to be far, far too early for decorating. Two weeks time sounds about right to put the tree up and the lights out.

But this is Second Life, where anything goes, so I teleported over to Eden earlier when I got a call from Howie.

While he gave up publishing SLN earlier this year, and hence the blog’s rebranding as SLN2, he was kind enough to provide Trine, initially, and then myself with access to the home he doesn’t use, but still pays rent for, specifically for the purpose of us having our own blog ‘home’.


The tree is up, and more than that, he’s affixed a new SLN2 sign to the wall of the building, so that our home is well signposted and if you’re sailing by on the Eden Naturopolis estate, you can drop anchor, step onto dry land and say ‘hi!’ if we’re around. A Christmas present from our continuing benefactor!

I’ve also been given some rights to allow me to re-decorate, so the furniture will go and it will take on more of an office look in the New Year (when the tree comes down).

We decided to celebrate this with a photo…


If you think I’m not looking quite myself, that might be down to different glasses. I’ve taken possession of a new pair in real life this week, and decided I’d update slightly in SL to reflect this new look. I’m not actually coping very well with them, if truth be told, and have been swapping between old and new for the past 8 days. I think I need to go out and treat myself to a new pair in SL so I feel more comfortable in my avatar.

So yes, it’s too early for Christmas, honestly, but it had to be done. I fully expect much of the grid to follow suit next week when we finally enter December.


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