Meikel Skytower

The sad news reached me tonight that Meikel Skytower, the owner of 7 Hills Naturist, sadly passed away at the end of October.

If you’re an SL naturist, you’ll know how constant Meikel and 7 Hills was in a world of constant change.


‘It’s just a game’, some say.

You can go over to 7 Hills and light a candle in memory of one of Second Life’s great naturist champions, a naturist in real life as he was in Second Life.

Meikel’s friends at 7 Hills would disagree that it’s just a game. He touched our real lives in a positive way through his commitment to SL naturism, and the opportunity he provided for us to make friends through his build.

Rest in Peace, Meikel, a champion of RL & SL naturism.