Naked in the snow

It’s at this time of year that we read about various ‘all year round swimming clubs’ (textile) or ‘Polar Bare’ swims (nude) holding events. Many like to usher the New Year in with a swim.

And it’s very often the case that some lunatic Russians or from other northerly latitudes who take an icy plunge into icy water (it’s a good way to complete a Finnish sauna, apparently) or do other crazy things naked in winter.

I’m a fair-weather naturist, I confess. You wouldn’t catch me doing this (although I note that from a frost here tonight, we reach a balmy -for this time of year and indeed balmy on some summer days!- 12 degrees by midweek. If there’s any sunshine, then yes, I might even be tempted to catch a few naked rays in the garden during the week).

I’ve been naked outdoors in snow, I admit. Our old house had a hot tub in the back yard (yard being the operative word…it wasn’t a yard in the American sense, of what we in the UK would call a back garden, it was actually a yard…a narrow tiled area out of the back door, with room for the bins (trash cans) and little else. Privacy was limited, as the yard was overlooked by next door’s neighbours, so hot tub fun au naturel was limited (although possible with discretion).

We had heavy snow one year over the Christmas period and knew our elderly neighbours had gone to spend the holidays with their son so we made the best of it, hot-tubbing naked in the snow for three nights in a row.

Other than that, the first winter we were in our current house we also had heavy snow, and we built a snowman (we didn’t have children at the time but snow still brings out the child in all of us, doesn’t it?) after which I posed nude beside it, then did a naked snow angel before scurrying back indoors to warm up in a hot shower.



Naked in the snow isn’t for me, but a tip of the hat to all who will indulge over the winter months. I admire your hardiness and your bravery.

You can pose naked beside a snowman, or indulge in your own snow angel, at Ultimate Winter Dreams.

There’s a variety of other activities to try. I haven’t tried these in real life, I confess, but they were fun to try in SL!





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