A relationship between pubic hair grooming and STIs.

I picked up a story on the BBC website today that suggests that pubic hair is a good idea. 

I’m a long time advocate of ‘bush’, until this summer when I went bare down there, immediately regretted it and have been growing it back ever since.




I’ve previously read it’s to do with laziness that pubic hair is enjoying a renaissance, and it appears from online articles and interviews it’s men who are more wedded to ‘bare down there’. I suppose that, up to a point, it involves them, but realistically pubic hair styles aren’t all about them.

I’ve been saying for a couple of years now that pubic hair is now more evident in naturism, although the older generation of female (and male) naturists are still largely going smooth.

Within Second Life, it’s very noticeable that many, many female naturists are now sporting some form of pubic hair. As decent SL prim pubic hair can cost L$250, it would suggest that female avatars are spending their Linden dollars on it because they do like their avatar to reflect their real selves to a degree. You don’t have to sport pubic hair in SL, it isn’t necessary or vital, so I assume it can only be for the ‘SL reflects RL’ purposes.

Is the bush about to enjoy a full-on renaissance in RL? Will that eventually trickle down to more and more avatars being similarly adorned? Your thoughts, please.


Edited to add a link from The Independent relating to the same story.




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