Christmas Photo competition

With so many great free Christmas related freebies available on the grid right now, I thought it would be a good idea to run a Christmas photo competition.



















Find yourself an SL Christmassy-styled outfit, take a photo, send it to me, keeping in mind that we’re a naturist blog and we expect some sort of naturist theme to the photos, and we’ll put up a gallery of them on December 23rd. I’ve then asked Harry to judge them, and we’ll announce our winner shortly after midnight (GMT, not SL time) on Christmas Eve…or strictly speaking, a few minutes into Christmas Day. There is a prize of L$2000 to the winner, as judged by Harry, and his decision is final.

Harry also pointed out that as many of our readers are just as likely to be non-naturists in SL, they might not wish to ‘bare all’, and so…







…we’re also offering a L$500 prize to the avatar who provides the non-nude photo, utilising Christmas in SL as a theme. Again, that will be judged by Harry, and once again his decision is final.

I’ve passed the L$2500 prize fund to Harry already, and he’ll post the photos that, in his view, best reflected a nude and non-nude Christmas in SL and pass the prizes onto the winners. What better way to wake up on Christmas morning to a L$2000 or L$500 gift in your avatar’s bank account?

NB: for the purposes of the competition, ‘lingerie’ shots may be entered in both the ‘nude’ and ‘non-nude’ categories if there’s a bit of ‘see-thru-ness’ involved 😉

And before anyone should accuse me of posting ‘non naturist’ but ‘glamour/erotic’ photos in the galleries above, please remember that naturists need no excuse to ‘dress up a bit‘. At sun-clubs the length and breadth of the northern hemisphere, clubs or swim nights will be holding Christmas parties wherein genuine naturists will be donning all manner of Christmas hats, scarves and nothing else for their annual end of year parties (and many will have already held them if they operate on a monthly basis).



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