Lady Gardens

Today’s Daily Mail asks women about their pubic hair styling.

I’m not sure how this is representative of society as a whole, confining its ‘research’ to ladies in Bristol University’s library, thereby pretty much essentially determining that (a) women of university age in England are still slaves to the razor and (b) they appear to determine how they should look based upon partner’s preferences.

It’s your body ladies. He doesn’t necessarily come into it.

By all means compromise in a relationship, but never feel you need to conform to a style that was forged on the anvil of ‘close ups in porn movies’, pretty much the jumping on point for society’s current slavery to the razor.

Hair is natural, be it around your vulva, under your arms, or on your legs and if you’re in a relationship based on you conforming to his preferences for hairlessness, run now.





Cara Develigne’s photoshoot (photos above) was, of course, to raise awareness for the Lady Garden campaign, to make women aware of the symptoms of gynaecological cancer.

Behind the ‘fun’ of the ‘Lady Garden’ merchandise -and I have a jumper in this style, bought in a High Street store-  there’s a serious message, and if you would like to know more, I suggest you follow the link above.




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