My first time : Marja and the Finnish sauna.

by guest columnist Marja

It’s not exactly ‘naturism’ I suppose, but I’ve been going publicly nude since before I could walk. I’m Finnish, and here in Finland we have a sauna tradition so ingrained in us that there’s pretty much one sauna for every family! It is part of who we are as a nation.


I don’t think of myself as ‘naturist’, but going naked in the sauna, amongst friends or extended family, is what we do and it all seems boringly normal to us.


From a young age we sauna in the company of parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends.





If you ask me if I am a naturist, I will say ‘no’, but I sauna naked, and to close the pores of our skin we will maybe run to a nearby river or lake or the sea, even in freezing temperatures, with snow on the ground. It is healthy and invigorating. I would suggest to everyone who has not had a sauna, even if you can only sauna in swimming clothes, to make it part of your 2017!

Thank you for reading.












(location for SL sauna was Snowy cabin in the woods with sauna (yes, that’s the sim’s name))


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