Dressing up for Christmas

Naturists, oddly enough, love nothing more than a bit of ‘dressing up’. Whether it’s ‘glam’ outfits for dinner in a restaurant after a day’s nude sunbathing, partaking in toga parties at some resorts, adopting native American ‘Red Indian’ outfits (it happened a lot in the 60s, there’s many photos online, but it  wouldn’t happen now) it appears we naturists love nothing better than running to the dressing up box! Go figure!

Christmas is also a time when…men, naturist men included, love nothing more than to buy their partners a bit of lingerie. Lingerie’s one of those go-to Xmas pressies, and used to figure largely as Xmas ‘freebies’ around the grid. This happens less often now, as people have adopted mesh clothes and bodies, and a simple bit of red and white ‘classic avatar’ undies are much less common these days than, say, five years ago.

Nevertheless, we decided we’d try to send some of our models out there with some linden dollars to see what they could find on the grid and marketplace. Rules? Nothing over L$10, which just so happens is the price limit at Fab Free’s Xmas cart sale. Margaret came back with a slew of nice items that (a) kind of work in a naturist context (at least some of them…real life photos further down the page will show people publicly naked while ‘dressed’ similarly to Margaret in naturist or public settings.






I love the ‘nude’ lingerie in the top pic, particularly as high waisted panties are such a rarity on the grid. The bottom pic, of mittens, hat and scarf would also be something that is a slight ‘theme’ in naturist photos. As I don’t wear anything in bed the babydoll nightie would be wasted on me, and I’ve never been a red lingerie person so you can scrub that too (lovely as they do look on Margaret).  And that’s an important point…men don’t always consider their partners’ preferences. I’ll buy lingerie in black, white, nude, pastel shades, dark purple…but red, green? No. Just no. 🙂 So fellas, don’t buy it with yourself in mind, but what your partner likes. I’ve never been one for thongs much either, although I did buy a couple when they first became a thing. I find them uncomfortable. 🙂

Speaking of thongs…the males in SL seem to like them, and there are certainly plenty available for L$10 on the Marketplace.

You can get a Rudolph male thong, or just go for a plain, red, Christmasy type.




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