She’s all fur coat and no knickers

Here in the UK we’ve got an expression ‘she’s all fur coat and no knickers’ which means she (it”s an expression almost always applied to a female) has a veneer of elegance, class or style but, underneath she’s actually quite common or boorish. She may try to present herself as someone of ‘wealth’ in the sense that she owns a fur coat, but lacks the basics.




The photo above would sort of describe it. Despite their rather classy and expensive outfits, they’re clearly drunk in the street. All fur coat and no knickers.





If you want to be a little bit ‘all fur coat and no knickers’ in SL, now you can. At the Coat-Titzuki stand at the Tres Chic event, you can buy a shoulder fur coat (L$280) which will certainly create that look, although we’d advise that you don’t adopt that classless, drunk-in-the-street look that forms part of our major city centres most weekends.





I like the ‘pose’ of the coat. The fact that it’s draped on one shoulder makes it different, and immediately a stand-out item in the great big wardrobe of SL. With so many Christmas and New Year parties about to break out on the next two weekends, this could be worn with a ballgown when arriving at a ballroom for those dances ushering in 2017. This wasn’t intended for the blog, initially, as Harry (the photographer) wanted to place it on our Flickr site (I’ve added it there too, incidentally), but it does make for a nice ‘glamour’ style photo, even if not quite naturist. I wish more designers would consider adding slightly different ‘poses’ for their clothes as it makes them stand out immediately.

Of course, it also provides me (a vegetarian, animal loving person), to point out that we’ve previously blogged ‘naked’ mainstream campaigning, in the shape of PETA’s ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ (back in January of this year), and as far back as 2013, when Pookes was also writing about PETA’s anti-fur campaign.



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