That naked morning run

The run pose I referenced in a previous post reminded me that when I’m in Spain I like to go down for a swim almost at first light, when the beach is empty other than a few fellow swimmers, the night fishermen packing up their gear, an occasional dog walker and…naked joggers!

People do like to maintain a routine, even on holiday, and joggers are no exception. After a winter time pounding the noisy, smelly streets of their home town all winter, all year, what better way to start the day than with a run, naked, along a Spanish beach wearing nothing but running shoes.


This is, for a small band of early risers, part and parcel of the naturist experience, when the sun is low in the Mediterranean and it’s not too hot.

Later in the day the place of joggers will be taken by those getting their exercise ambling along at the water’s edge, but in the first hour of daylight the beach is the preserve of joggers and early morning swimmers.


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