Dressing up for Christmas (part 2)


Very little at the Kitty Cats advent calendar could be described as ‘naturist related’, but almost everything in the photo is part of the gifts available from there. The good news is that, up until tomorrow, you can teleport in and snag all 24 gifts!

The sofa, with cuddle poses, is part of the deal, as are the hair, skin, dog-tag jewellery and dress. In the second photo, the champagne and leggings (very Christmasy) are also part of this amazing collection of gifts.ella-kitty-cats3_001b

Cam away from (an almost unrecognisable) me and the bowl of oranges, a fruit with a Christmas tradition, is my contribution to a now burgeoning Xmas table at SLN HQ. If any of us do manage to get online on Christmas Day it looks like we’ll be having a terrific, virtual feast.




While I’ve said that the majority of gifts aren’t naturist-related, I must make special mention of the dress (the gift from Hilly Halaan) which, had it not been Christmas and an advent calendar, I’d certainly have been blogging as part of a ‘naturist wardrobe’. This fringed dress is almost certainly something I could see myself wearing to and from the naturist beach, or out for dinner once the sun had set in naturist paradise. The (Amacci) up-do hair is, yes, how I’d put my hair up if swimming at the naturist beach, and the skin is a Wow skins gift. These aren’t cheap and cheerful gifts, these are quality products from quality designers.

You’ve got 24 hours more to grab these gifts, people, so I’d suggest you grab all of these either later today or tomorrow.

New people are joining SL all the time, and Christmas is a fabulous time, given the number of gifts around, to create a terrific looking avatar for nothing, zero Linden dollars.


Incidentally, while I was typing up this post, Pookes popped online. I invited her over and, although new family life quickly grabbed her away again, we got a few moments to reflect on the huge changes in life both of us have experienced in the past year.


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