Christmas gifts

I’ve been thinking about gifts.

Men like to buy women lingerie, quite a bit. Usually the wrong size, style and colour, but it’s the thought that counts, lol.

Women, on the other hand, like to buy men ‘boys’ toys’, radios, bits for cars or computers and a lot of camera gear.

So it appears we often end up putting these two items together on Christmas morning…

Yes. Naturist or not, it appears we do like to take a lot of photos in various degrees of undress, while dressing the tree, while wrapping or unwrapping presents, while cooking lunch in the nude, or showing off new lingerie.

There have been plenty of gifts around the SL grid this year, and plenty of opportunities for you to do your own naked Christmas photos.

I can only see this positively (assuming the size, colour and style are all OK). A ready acceptance of our own naked bodies is growing by the day. Tomorrow morning, there will be millions more photos taken in a similar style as people readily embrace their nudity. The next step, surely a smaller one than posing for ‘Santa’ and his new camera in new lingerie, is to encourage people to further embrace their naked confidence in a public arena as a generation of new naturists?


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