Santa’s on his way!

I’ve just checked the Santa Tracker on Google, and Santa’s somewhere in the Middle East.


Let’s hope he gives them what they really need in 2017, the present of peace, the gift of the developed world not treating it like their personal war zone, the gift of not having their innocents massacred and maimed over someone else’s agenda, the present of a lasting future. Just look at the names on the map…Tehran, Baghdad, Ramadi, Mosul, Damascus, Aleppo…. What they all really need is the gift of peace.

It has been a strange year at SLN, but it rather looks like we’re back on track to continue to deliver the best naturist news in both the real world and Second Life.

I will, of course, be online between now and the New Year, but probably not around much again this evening. The music’s on, the presents are under the tree, and excited little people have laid out milk, cookies and reindeer food before climbing the stairs. Tomorrow is a time for family, if you’re lucky enough to have them close, and not so far away if you make sure to ring them and say hello.

The grid’s slowing down, bloggers have said their seasonal greetings and will disappear for the holiday period.

More exciting changes on the way for SLN in 2017, but we’ll roll them out at the appropriate moment.


Merry Christmas to all our readers.

Lots of love from

Ella and the SLN crew.



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