Best (freebie) Christmas ever?

With your ear to the rail, it’s possible that this might just conceivably have been the best, most generous freebies Christmas ever in SL.

We didn’t pick up everything, but between us, I think we covered a lot of freebies. 🙂

xmas-table_001bEverything in the photo, apart from the table, and we could have added one of those in for good measure, was free from somewhere around the grid in recent days. All of the food, the toy soldier, the lamps, the wooden Christmas tree. All were free from one source and another.

Special mention has to go to Cosmopolitan Events, who put out a huge number of gifts, to 7 Deadly Skins, for an array of new (to most of us) skins, and to Turtle Coast, who waived their usual join fee on Christmas Day, making it possible for avatars on a limited budget to become members of one of SL’s top membership-only naturist venues.


Trees and poinsettias? All free!


The ceiling hanging tree, Cherie’s dress, bag and scarf, all free

Christmas 2017 will have to work hard to better this year’s sackful of goodies, that’s for sure.

The holiday mood still prevails around the grid, as it will through to January 2nd, after which we’ll begin settling down after an exhausting race around checking for gifts from many generous builders and designers. Thanks to everyone who offered boxes under trees, advent calendars, group goodies and the rest this Christmas. Just sorry I couldn’t see all, claim all, and work much of it into a naturist perspective for SLN readers.

It must have been a fabulous, astounding time to be a relative newbie in SL and grab the swag scattered liberally around the grid. Should people have picked up a lot of the gifts there’s little doubt in my mind that many newish players will have been delighted with their gifts, their now fabulous looking avatars, and are conceivably committed SL players in the weeks, months and years to come.


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