French knickers

This is probably a bit too much information 🙂 but I got some French knickers for Christmas 🙂

This wasn’t one of those ‘partner can’t think of what to get for Christmas, so some lingerie will do’ presents. I asked for them, provided my size, the style, the name of the brand and the colours. And Santa delivered. Because they’re essentially my ‘go to’ undergarments on a daily basis.




I think the term ‘French knickers’ is possibly a UK term for these loose, airy undergarments, and I don’t wear them for ‘sexy’ but for comfort. I find them far more comfortable than briefs or boy short styled undies.




They’re something I’ve looked for for a long, long time in SL, without much success. If anyone can do me a pair, any colour, that can stretch to give a sense of looseness and airiness (see the bottom two photos in particular) I would be thrilled and would be prepared to pay good Linden dollars for a pair. If you can do them, let me know. There are very few knickers of this type in SL, more figure hugging than I’d like.



If you’re an undies designer, and reading, please, please, please get in touch and name your price!








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