SL will probably do a number of ‘formal’ black tie events on New Year’s Eve, particularly around the ballroom type sims such as Frank’s Jazz Place, which actually requests formal wear all year round. It’s a nice idea to have people dressed up properly for dancing, and there are some marvellous designs on display any time you check in there or one of the other ballrooms around SL. They’re also very popular, a great place to meet new people.

Caboodle has several gifts out, including a bow tie to set off that great formal look, and it’s free (L$0) as well as the group join being free. (nb: the link takes you to a central tp spot for several stores, just check the sign, select Caboodle and tp onwards to reach the store).


Why shouldn’t naturists be any less formal? 😉

The bow tie comes in male and female sizes and with a colour change HUD.

If you’re off to any NYE events at SL’s naturist sims over the weekend, look your smartest, best dressed self. A bow tie and a birthday suit. As timeless a look as a little black dress! 😉



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