Boxing Day

Yesterday was exceptionally mild, to the point where I was out at our bins (trash cans) in nothing more than a (long) T-shirt and bare feet. I could have undertaken these trips -so many bits of wrapping and packaging to grade for recycling- au naturel had I chosen to without being particularly cold.

Last night the temperature sank like a stone again, though, and snow and more high winds are forecast, although that’s all likely to be much further north than us as ‘Storm Conor’ sweeps in (I hate this recent phenomenon of naming winter storms. They’re just storms).

Boxing Day. For many, simply a return to more shopping. For others, a time to get out for a walk. Car parks at beauty spots will be full, riverside walks like rush hour in Oxford Street or Times Square as many of us seek to ‘walk off the turkey’, simply take some exercise as an aid to digestion. While we’re a family of cyclists, Boxing Day isn’t one for cycling as there’s simply too many people on the paths we might use to allow any continuity to it.

So Boxing Day means walks.


While it’s not snowing, as it is in the photos, I loved this set which Harry & I put together a couple of days ago at the Winter Flakes sim, as they’d certainly summon up the exact mood of Boxing Day had we had some snow (they also show a step up in quality each time Harry does photos, rather than my own ‘snapshots’ when photographing Second Life).

And it also gave me a chance to put on the female version of the coat I blogged a couple of days ago in its male version. It’s still available from American Bazaar, priced at L$0, with no group join fee.

For those of you shouting ‘hey! That’s not naturist!’ at your screen right now, you’re correct. But remember that naturists are sensible, logical people. We put appropriate clothing on at the appropriate moments just as readily as we divest ourselves of them in appropriate weather. Being a naturist doesn’t mean being foolhardy. Being a naturist means logically working through the idea that swimsuits are overpriced and unnecessary in almost every given situation.



Naturists are, of course, fun-loving people and we like nothing more than to run out into the snow, fully nude, if the opportunity presents itself.





So…while we were over at the Winter Flakes sim…



…why not avail of the beautiful morning light and show that being naked in the snow is a lot of fun, in real life as it is in Second Life, as well?



A fabulous Merry Christmas offer from Turtle Coast


Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you’re having a great day and got everything you wished for.

Sadly, I didn’t get everything I wished for, lol, as I’m on rota to work tomorrow, leaving no time to get back home to my family for today and back in London for tonight. Almost all of my friends have disappeared to wherever they originated from as well, so it’s not even a case of me being able to meet up with them either.

Never mind. I’ll make a phone call to my real life family later to wish them Merry Christmas, and then spend a good part of today in Second Life, so there should be some opportunity for a bit of socialising, even if it is virtual and long-distance in some cases.

Hopefully, some of our readers, who are SL naturists, may be able to avail of something that I’m about to share with you!

For today only, Christmas Day, Turtle Coast has suspended its usual L$450 group join fee!!!!!

That’s right, they’ve waived their usual group join fee and you can now become a member for free. I have to say that is a pretty awesome Second Life naturist gift!

I imagine this fantastic offer runs out at midnight, SL time, 800am Boxing Day (for UK players), 900am Boxing Day (for Central European players), but I can’t be certain, so I advise that if you have only two minutes to log into SL today, use them to join Turtle Coast. There’s always a few laughs and dancing to be had there, whatever time you log into SL, wherever you are in the world.


I’ll be back in SL throughout the day, and I eventually get home to my family for the New Year, so it’ll be a fabulous end to the year for me, even if today’s a bit flat. Ah, the things we have to do to earn a living!



UPDATE!!!!! THIS OFFER ENDED AS OF approximately 430pm GMT (830AM PST/SL Time)

Santa’s on his way!

I’ve just checked the Santa Tracker on Google, and Santa’s somewhere in the Middle East.


Let’s hope he gives them what they really need in 2017, the present of peace, the gift of the developed world not treating it like their personal war zone, the gift of not having their innocents massacred and maimed over someone else’s agenda, the present of a lasting future. Just look at the names on the map…Tehran, Baghdad, Ramadi, Mosul, Damascus, Aleppo…. What they all really need is the gift of peace.

It has been a strange year at SLN, but it rather looks like we’re back on track to continue to deliver the best naturist news in both the real world and Second Life.

I will, of course, be online between now and the New Year, but probably not around much again this evening. The music’s on, the presents are under the tree, and excited little people have laid out milk, cookies and reindeer food before climbing the stairs. Tomorrow is a time for family, if you’re lucky enough to have them close, and not so far away if you make sure to ring them and say hello.

The grid’s slowing down, bloggers have said their seasonal greetings and will disappear for the holiday period.

More exciting changes on the way for SLN in 2017, but we’ll roll them out at the appropriate moment.


Merry Christmas to all our readers.

Lots of love from

Ella and the SLN crew.



Christmas gifts

I’ve been thinking about gifts.

Men like to buy women lingerie, quite a bit. Usually the wrong size, style and colour, but it’s the thought that counts, lol.

Women, on the other hand, like to buy men ‘boys’ toys’, radios, bits for cars or computers and a lot of camera gear.

So it appears we often end up putting these two items together on Christmas morning…

Yes. Naturist or not, it appears we do like to take a lot of photos in various degrees of undress, while dressing the tree, while wrapping or unwrapping presents, while cooking lunch in the nude, or showing off new lingerie.

There have been plenty of gifts around the SL grid this year, and plenty of opportunities for you to do your own naked Christmas photos.

I can only see this positively (assuming the size, colour and style are all OK). A ready acceptance of our own naked bodies is growing by the day. Tomorrow morning, there will be millions more photos taken in a similar style as people readily embrace their nudity. The next step, surely a smaller one than posing for ‘Santa’ and his new camera in new lingerie, is to encourage people to further embrace their naked confidence in a public arena as a generation of new naturists?


Underneath the mistletoe

There’s a number of mistletoe poses set out at SLN HQ.


William and Fi, underneath a tree…K I S S I N G


George and Gabrielle get cuddly


Tender kisses at sunset on Christmas Eve

If you encounter some mistletoe this evening, use it. It’s a time of peace, harmony and yes indeed, love.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (2)


A quick round up of freebies available to (un)dress your avatar before the big day.

The beanie hat, sign and holding pose are available from Shi.s Poses for L$0, but you will need your SLF&O group tag (also free) to get it. Diane then posed at the Winter Flakes sim. A word about Diane, who previously undertook photography for us. She’ll be back, photographing and writing, full time, for us in the New Year.


It’s beginning to not look a lot like Christmas

Australian avatar Charlene, pictured at the Cape San Blas sim, is wearing a bikini from her inventory. There’s nothing to buy in relation to this photograph, but I want to make a point regarding the photo. Charlene spent Christmas Days in the past on the beach, eating a turkey dinner, in a bikini, at the height of the Australian summer.

The BBC is reporting that the Arctic is 20 degrees warmer than usual, and that the UK may face the warmest Christmas Day for a century tomorrow.


Double digit temperatures on Christmas Day?

Unless we tackle the growing issue of climate change, with some urgency, the chances are that we’re all going to potentially spend Christmas Day on the beach. While I often bemoan the brevity of the naturist season in the UK, it’s not a good thing. With climate change comes ever fiercer storms, typhoons, harder rain, more frequent hurricanes and rising sea temperatures. I don’t particularly want to spend Christmas afloat, in a bikini. Winter should mean winter, not mild temperatures. We need to tackle climate change more robustly, more quickly, and we need to start today.


Storm Barbara has just passed through the UK, we had a lot of rain and high winds, and Storm Conor will be with us in a few days. While winter storms were to be expected long before we identified climate change, weather patterns have certainly changed in recent decades, so it’s time for us all to do our bit in terms of slowing that. Think global, act local, and we get somewhere with it. We can’t rely on short-sighted politicians to do this work for us.

Finally, I was pleased to find a nativity scene at Depoz Christmas shop (priced L$295)


As I’ve said before, I’m not overly religious, but I do feel that the birth of Christ should remain central to the Christmas message. He seems to have become almost peripheral to the new god of shopping, of consumerism, of possessions. Granted, a few recent posts have concentrated on whatever Christmas possessions we’ve been able to find around the grid, just to ‘theme’ the posts, but in the main -as always- our focus is on less possessions and a simpler life…naturism, wherein there’s no need for stupid, overly priced bikinis, where we as naturists simply enjoy the amazing world around us, enjoying the sun, enjoying swimming, eating simply and healthily, open to all, judgmental of none, all messages from which the world, naturist or textile, would do to take on board.

Wherever you are, Merry Christmas.

There may well be more posts today, depending on my real life schedule. That will almost certainly mean avoiding the shops, closing the door, turning up the Carols from Kings radio programme broadcast by the BBC every Christmas Eve, and doing some preparation in the kitchen. Tonight, when excited little faces have gone to bed, I’ll be opening some wine, lighting a few candles, and getting more Christmas music on in our lounge. And yes, perhaps even logging into SL, but that’s uncertain at this point in my day.

(north American readers please note: follow the link about Carols from Kings to learn how you too can tune in via American Public Media and its affiliates)







Dressing up for Christmas (part 2)


Very little at the Kitty Cats advent calendar could be described as ‘naturist related’, but almost everything in the photo is part of the gifts available from there. The good news is that, up until tomorrow, you can teleport in and snag all 24 gifts!

The sofa, with cuddle poses, is part of the deal, as are the hair, skin, dog-tag jewellery and dress. In the second photo, the champagne and leggings (very Christmasy) are also part of this amazing collection of gifts.ella-kitty-cats3_001b

Cam away from (an almost unrecognisable) me and the bowl of oranges, a fruit with a Christmas tradition, is my contribution to a now burgeoning Xmas table at SLN HQ. If any of us do manage to get online on Christmas Day it looks like we’ll be having a terrific, virtual feast.




While I’ve said that the majority of gifts aren’t naturist-related, I must make special mention of the dress (the gift from Hilly Halaan) which, had it not been Christmas and an advent calendar, I’d certainly have been blogging as part of a ‘naturist wardrobe’. This fringed dress is almost certainly something I could see myself wearing to and from the naturist beach, or out for dinner once the sun had set in naturist paradise. The (Amacci) up-do hair is, yes, how I’d put my hair up if swimming at the naturist beach, and the skin is a Wow skins gift. These aren’t cheap and cheerful gifts, these are quality products from quality designers.

You’ve got 24 hours more to grab these gifts, people, so I’d suggest you grab all of these either later today or tomorrow.

New people are joining SL all the time, and Christmas is a fabulous time, given the number of gifts around, to create a terrific looking avatar for nothing, zero Linden dollars.


Incidentally, while I was typing up this post, Pookes popped online. I invited her over and, although new family life quickly grabbed her away again, we got a few moments to reflect on the huge changes in life both of us have experienced in the past year.


‘You don’t look like a nudist’

I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard this phrase. Maybe because I’m a glasses-wearing, Mumsy looking woman. Maybe people’s interpretation is that nudists are lithe, willowy ladies with trout pouts, push-up boobs in their early 20s (thank you, internet porn, for that false representation of female naturists, your interpretation of male naturists not much different).

The alternative is ‘she/he doesn’t look like a naturist’.

Again, the pretext is that there’s a given look to naturists.

All nonsense, of course. Naturists look like you, me, your Mum, your Uncle, your little brother (be he 13 0r 33), your child, your granny, the lady who owns the local bakery….

Look around you. Anyone you see on the street could be a naturist. We’re a cross-section of society, and we look like everyone else. In naturism, I’ve met a Church of England vicar, a couple of doctors (male and female), some military/police personnel, several teachers and lecturers (I’m part of this demographic myself) and so on.

Many, of course, don’t advertise the fact that they’re naturist. The vicar didn’t do so, and the teachers/lecturers in the main thought it was conceivably a bar to future promotion, and potential unemployment, if they advertised the fact. Medical people were a bit more relaxed, as they felt they could couch involvement in terms of preaching the health benefits from fewer clothes.

One (male) doctor intimated to me once that he’d advocated ‘going commando‘ to a female patient in her 50s, as she was plagued with thrush/candida for years. He then didn’t see her for a year and on her next visit, with an unrelated complaint, he asked about it. ‘Been going knickerless since’, was the response, ‘and never looked back. It has also put a new spring in my sex life’.

The benefits of fresh air around…all of our body…can’t be underestimated, clearly. We benefit from fresh air and sunlight. The more we expose to the open air, the more Vitamin D we get from the sun, and I remember reading a report which said that in grey, rainy, dull Britain we could all radically increase our vitamin D, in which we’re deficient as a nation, by…a bit more nudity! :-O

The sun, of course, offers its own dangers, particularly in an ozone depleted world, but the message should be ‘be careful with elongated exposure to the sun, particularly in fierce temperatures, but certainly enjoy it, as with everything else, in moderation’.


Medical professional?




Man of the cloth?



Naturists can look like anyone. Remember that. We, the naturist community, can come from all walks of life, be any shape, size, age, gender, colour, sexual orientation, religion.

When I was a teenager, in my pre-naturist days, I recall a friend playing a game with me on a High Street. ‘Try to imagine the next ten people walking by are naked and come back to me with your thoughts in a couple of minutes’. It was a bit of a head-spinner, imagining the man on a walking stick, the woman with her grandchildren, naked. As I became a naturist I subsequently learned that naturism encompassed all walks of life, all age demographics, and that British Naturism, our national body, had done a survey in which 6% of Brits had been publicly nude on holiday (even if they didn’t identify as naturist). So…if my friend had suggested me imagining the next fifteen people walking by, naked, she’d actually have statistically identified at least one admitted ‘naked in public on holiday’ person. We look like you. We look like me. We look like  one in fifteen of the next people you see on the street. Try playing this next time you’re stopped at a traffic light and the people are crossing the road while the pedestrian light is switched to green. Statistically, you’ve seen a naturist.





Ile du Levant

The Ile du Levant (The Rising Isle) is an island off the coast of France, and for many years has been a naturist haven.

Being nude is expected everywhere on the public part of the island (part of it is cordoned off as a military base), apart from the main square, where something the French refer to as ‘le minimum’ is expected to be worn. Historically, this was a pareo or bikini bottoms, more recently it has evolved into a square or triangle of material covering either male or female genitals and tied around the waist.

Cars aren’t allowed on the island, so it provides a quiet, idyllic naturist haven in the Mediterranean, situated off the coast mid-way between Marseilles and Nice.


French reporter Zita, known for her capacity to immerse herself in the ‘method’ of the various topics she covers, did a documentary for French TV a few years ago, in which she visited the Ile du Levant, considered to be the spiritual home of French naturism.

She commences her visit to the Ile du Levant at the 32’00 mark, and at the 37’00 mark the whole aspect of ‘le minimum’ is explained. (The documentary is in French, but with English subtitles for part of it)


Trine did a blog post on SL’s own, accurate version of the Ile du Levant back in August.

Having been largely offline for a good part of 2016, and then catapulted back into the editor’s chair, I have to confess I haven’t visited the Ile du Levant in SL (I have in RL) so I thought I’d rectify that situation forthwith.

Right from the tp entry point to Ile du Levant there’s a level of accuracy.



A version of le minimum is available for free (as are a set of free tanlines). And from there it gets better.

The only ‘dark spot’ on the horizon, and this isn’t Ile du Levant’s fault, it’s getting to be a pest in naturist sims, was the now usual ‘dressed male’, this time so insistent on meeting my acquaintance that (according to mini-map on the screen) he was teleporting just a little ahead of me again and again. I kept taking wild steers off the path just to avoid him 😉


He was either a non-French speaker or stupid. The sign to the beach clearly says ‘nudity obligatory’. Anyway, he got the message and departed the sim, allowing me to enjoy the lovely naturist beach and town square.




I didn’t have a lot of time to explore the sim fully, but I have to say that on first impressions this is one of the jewels in the SL naturist crown. I have to say I will be back, possibly this side of Christmas and definitely this side of the New Year, and I intend to try and make contact with the owner(s) of the sim to find out more about their hopes, dreams and plans for this delightful sim, one I’ve bookmarked as a ‘must go to’ sim on a regular basis.



That naked morning run

The run pose I referenced in a previous post reminded me that when I’m in Spain I like to go down for a swim almost at first light, when the beach is empty other than a few fellow swimmers, the night fishermen packing up their gear, an occasional dog walker and…naked joggers!

People do like to maintain a routine, even on holiday, and joggers are no exception. After a winter time pounding the noisy, smelly streets of their home town all winter, all year, what better way to start the day than with a run, naked, along a Spanish beach wearing nothing but running shoes.


This is, for a small band of early risers, part and parcel of the naturist experience, when the sun is low in the Mediterranean and it’s not too hot.

Later in the day the place of joggers will be taken by those getting their exercise ambling along at the water’s edge, but in the first hour of daylight the beach is the preserve of joggers and early morning swimmers.