Hangover cure : the morning after the night before


January 1st, 2017 finds me in Lupe’s, quiet and contemplative. There’s no actual RL hangover, thank goodness, but I did have a couple of glasses of bubbly at midnight and now find myself a bit sluggish and woozy. You know the feeling, yes? Not ‘hungover’, just a bit…sluggish, and not helped by going to bed at 100am and then having to listen to the thump of taxi doors until 300am or beyond. You know those taxis. The ones with what sounds like they’ve got 18 doors on them which have to be slammed hard in the dead of night just to ensure they’re properly closed. Oh! They have them in your town too?

Someone has to clean up too…



Brushing up the streamers and pine needles at SLN HQ

..after the table heaving with goodies, the banners, the Christmas trees and so on, it’s time to sweep clean and start the new year fresh. A good idea to make chores more pleasurable, when the weather is good enough, is to do chores nude.









tumblr_ogzy8311uz1svsnjto4_1280 tumblr_ogzy8311uz1svsnjto9_1280


I’ve already been for a walk in the park, where a few night revellers are still wending their way home, some still slightly the worse for wear.


I’m currently listening to the New Year’s Day concert live from Vienna, broadcast right around the world on radio and on TV, and after a cup of tea I’ll drive to the coast for a long walk with my S.O, followed by dinner in a country pub, somewhere deep in the English countryside. Lovely. Hopefully the weather will actually approximate winter, rather than this awful ‘bad summer’s day’ weather we’ve been experiencing lately.

I’m looking for a lovely summer, some naturist experiences, already planning my holidays, and looking forward to a year’s worth of positive naturist-related blogging.

Happy New Year, one and all, wherever you are in the world.




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